Friday, July 5, 2013

World Beat Festival

Hola, amigos!
Last Sunday, June 30th, Garfy and I went to World Beat Festival. A multicultural big event in Oregon! Have you ever visited the festival before? Many shops and little events represented many cultures from all over the world. It's just very interesting & fun♪ This year, World Beat Festival focused on mainly Japan. I heard that we could buy Soy Sauce Ice Cream there!!! I couldn't miss it!! Although Garfy was very sick, I asked him from my stomach (not my heart) to go to get the ice cream with me. A N D, Garfy is the kindEST person in the world (:ω:)
We got it. We got it. We got the soy sauce ice cream! ∩(´∀`)∩☆∩(´∀`)∩
Has anybody tried soy sauce ice cream before?
Vanilla ice cream × soy sauce. It actually tasted yum! Very rich taste. Surprisingly, Garfy really liked it!
 Bon dance (・ω・´) Of course, Garfy, our friend, and I joined to dance with them (+・ω・+́)ゞ Actually, I have never been to club or crazy home party with Garfy. So... this was my first time seeing him dancing. . him dancing Japanese traditional summer group dance. hmmm.. adorable (●-ω-●)/" My heart was like being a parent filming the kid performing a dance at sports' festival in kindergarten.
 It was very very hot & humid. I didn't put my sun block cream & my shoulder was a bit painful for a day or less. Don't forget putting "sun block cream" on your body, everybody! The Summer really has started ('U')


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