Monday, June 2, 2014

Oregon State University

A lot of my friends go to OSU, but I have never visited there before. My new friend gave me and my friends a tour and showed us a lot of AMAZINGLY beautiful buildings of OSU. To be honest, I didn't really expect to see such gorgeous buildings since OSU is one of the well-known / biggest universities in Oregon. I expected to see like.. "collections of modern simple buildings" (not really my favorites).. Well, I was wrong. Unfortunately, the weather was the "Oregon weather:" very cloudy and cold. So, pictures didn't really turn out well. However, if you think these buildings look "fine," they are actually at least 100 times better looking than what you see in the photos. I highly recommend you to visit there if you are a fan of buildings like ME ;)
Look how happy I am!
I hate running but my excitement made me run Happily. haha
Inside of this huge building was just incredible.
The last picture is taken at the OSU stadium. American football is huge in Oregon especially between OSU vs. UofO, so I had to take a picture of the stadium to say "I was here." (I forgot to do so at UofO).. I'm sure people in Oregon are more into American football stuff than buildings. hahaha
OSU is definitely a huge campus. Unfortunately, I couldn't see every single building and explore them. However, we picked buildings which are especially pretty and worth to go inside. I hope you can visit these places and actually get to see how pretty they are!

What do you think of OSU buildings?
Talk to you later.