Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weird Questions?

Hellooo, amigos!
Since I came to the US, I got many many questions that I couldn't answer. It was mostly because of my lank of English skill at the beginning, and then, I just realized that it might be because "The Question is WEIRD!!" Apparently, Japan is known as Sushi, Samurai, Ninja, Geisha, and Anime. So that, I get many questions about these things.
Q. Have you seen Samurai?
No, I have not. I believe they don't exist any more. To be honest, I grew up with samurai movies and TV shows, so I am in love with "bushi do". If you meet a true / real Samurai in Japan, please leave a comment immediately to let me know.

Q. Do you eat sushi everyday?
No, I do not. I believe almost 100% Japanese don't eat sushi everyday. There are many more delicious food in Japan. Sushi is like a cake. (This is how I explain about sushi to people) haha We basically eat sushi at special occasions, and also, we eat it when we want to eat it.

Q. All the Japanese people have crazy hair, right? like huge hair. blue, red, green, purple, or..
ummm... No? Not all of us do. I really couldn't understand what the person wanted to say about the hair specifically. Only little / tiny amount of people do. I assume the person was talking about people in Shibuya or Harajyuku? maybe? These two cities are the fashion cities. People are very fashionable.. too fashionable. Even Japanese sometimes can't understand their fashion style, but they are incredibly unique and have great fashion sense. It's not too much to say that fashion trends start from here(^^) You may see the "crazy hair" in the cities, but it does NOT mean that everybody has the same "crazy hair."

Q. Where do you put a sword in your house?
I couldn't help myself to say "WHAT!?" I had to ask the person to say the question couple more times. The person thought we still have samurai culture and all of us have samurai swords in our houses. Again, as I mentioned before, samurai unfortunately doesn't exist any more as far as I know. However, some people have Japanese swords in their houses. My family and I just don't own any.

Q. Do people do "seppuku" in Japan?
No, I really hope we don't do seppuku. You don't know what seppuku is? Click HERE to learn more about seppuku.

I personally enjoy these random stereotypical questions most of the time because it is interesting to know what "Japan" represents to people from other places.

Have you ever gotten any weird questions?
Like you can't help to say "uhhh.. what?"



  1. Vivian this is so sweet!! I love it!

    I was wondering- isn't there a law in Japan that says that "no Japanese person shall own a gun or a sword."?
    Like, people can't have those weapons without a special permit? Or did I read some misinformation?
    :) have a nice day!

  2. ito-chaaan such a great post! being from ireland myself i get silly questions like that too. such as "is everyone always drunk in ireland?" or "have you ever seen a leprechaun?" I find it quite amusing as well. People can be sooo silly sometimes :) as always keep up the good job!