Friday, July 26, 2013

Antique Haul

Hellooo, amigos.
Since I moved into this apartment, I have been shopping a lot for this new place. This apartment is very very tiny, old, and beautiful antique looking place that I am falling in love with. So, I often, VERY OFTEN, visit places to shop...  Antique shops.
My new addiction
Anyway, I have been trying to find my free time and visiting these shops as much as possible nowadays. Antique goods are super cute to look at, so I sometimes just stop by on the way home just for few minutes. I feel like I just used a time machine while I am looking at them. I know I live in 21 century though.. (-_-)
Of course, I have purchased some things from here and there.

1. Glasses
I really wanted to make tiny parfaits. I bet these are not for parfaits, but they are a good size for desserts. Because Oregon is super beautiful with nature, summer is the yummy season! I have been getting a lot of fruits and using them almost every day since. 
2. Coffee Pitcher
I am not really sure how to call this thing. Do you know? If you do, please leave a comment below (>_<)! I just fall in love with this item. Garfy doesn't drink coffee, so I don't have any chance to use it and to share my coffee with people yet. This is nearby a window and being super gorgeous right now.
3. Over 100 years old Books
These are for Garfy. His belated birthday present (:_:)sorry He has some old old old books. I thought he would enjoy reading / having them. Look at the pages! Very aged! Surprisingly, books don't cost a lot. I would love to have a library in my future house, so this is a good news for me!
4. Plates
I don't know what to say. It's just beautiful. What I can say about these antique dishes is that "I wish I could use a time machine for just going shopping in the time era to get gorgeous dishes..." Do you agree? haha
5. Containers
I just really need containers. These were just good deals that I found there. Looking very cure with these beans, isn't it? 
My kitchen is getting gorgeous with these antique goods.
I am pretty happy about them (although I know I didn't need most of them, but .. oh well. what could I do?)
I have never seen or gone any antique shops in Japan..
but fortunately or unfortunately, Oregon seems to have them everywhere, like at least one shop per a town!!

Do you know any antique shops around your place?
You should visit there! It's fun, creepy sometimes. It's like a treasure hunt!


  1. Victorian glass coffee pitcher. It would have originally had a burner under and been used for Tea or coffee. What shop did you find these pretties in?

    1. Thank you! I am still a super beginner of an antique hunter (as you can tell):P Everything on this post was from Antique Mall in Independence, but very very sadly it closed down. I went to their closing sale:'(