Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hello Everyone Hello Sunshine

Hola, everyone:) This is my 1st post & 1st blog. Are you excited? I am excited!! x)) I'm not really good at writing in English, but I hope blogging can help me improve my writing skill. but anyway, Goshhh!! The weather is super nice here! Weather never really influenced my mood before I came here. I was like "Sunny day = my enemy! sweaty! bad for beauty!", "Rainy day = my hair, we can't go out today :(", "Cloudy day = humm, not bad", "Snowy day = NO SCHOOL"

Do you know that...
people get super happy on sunny days
A sunny day can change people's mood for the day
people get jealous with others who can be outside under the sun

Isn't it beautiful that people can be happy & enjoy their lives because of the Sun?
When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
So I decided to enjoy the Sun today.
It was a bit cold outside, I wore...
Jeans = American Eagle
Cardigan = it's from Japan

breakfast outside (^^)

A picture from my simplest cell-phone (^u^)/ Looks like those flowers are sparkling D: !! I guess the sunshine makes everything beautiful, lively, happy, and .... sparkling(?) ha
Hello Sunshine! Hello Sparkling Flowers!!

Enjoy the Sunshine everyone!
Hope sunny days can make you Smile :)