Monday, April 21, 2014

Wedding Day

Have you been to a wedding? Fortunately, believe it or not, I have been invited to attend weddings some times in the US. I get a bit emotional when my important people find a perfect match & get married. The other day, I went to my friend's BEAUTIFUL wedding. It's definitely NOT My Wedding. Sorry if I made you get excited or confused. m(_ _)m Anyhow, I was so excited for her more and more as the wedding date got closer, but I was also so sad that I had to miss a lot of it. In American culture, it is rude to be late for the wedding (same as Japanese culture). I asked her and other my friends what is the best thing I can do for her. My best friend said "She invited you. Which means that she obviously wants you to be there. It'll make her more sad if you don't show up than if you are late. It's rude, but at least, she knows that you care." ...What a word.. Although I felt really bad to get there really late, I am very grateful that I could congratulate her and celebrate one of her happiest moments of her life.
NOTE : I strongly recommend you to talk with the person who invites you at first about this issue. It is your dear friend's "the most important day."

The wedding was just so pretty. The theme was Hawaiian. All the decorations were handmade, creative, and lovely. I felt like I was in "3D Pinterest." I couldn't "pin" everything, so I took some pictures to share with you guys.
She is one of the loveliest people I have ever known in my life. You know, people say "she is gorgeous inside and out. She is really the one who is beautiful and gorgeous inside and out. I thought she was an Angel and had some wings on her back when she walked towards me to say hi. I know it sounds pretty ridiculous, but I hope this is describing you how sweet she is. I just wanted the world to know this^^
For the wedding, I was wearing..
Black cardigan - Banana Republic
Navy blue dress with flower - Lauren Conrad
(The Navy blue is my favorite color + A line dress is my favorite too. It has fuzzy flowers all over the dress. It's just so pretty! I fell in love with this dress immediately. So, it was a little pricey for me as a student, but I had to get it.. :'( sorry, wallet. haha)

Seriously, isn't a wedding almost a magical event?
On this Earth, in millions or billions of people, we meet a person. Then, the person falls in love with you! The person feels the same way about you as you feel about the person.. :O wow.. Then, we promise to love each other and be together for rest of our lives happily in front of all the other people.. WOW... like WOW!
I think Wedding is a magical event which also makes everybody fulfill with a lot of happiness and love.

What do you think?
Talk to you soon

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What do you eat?

What do you eat?
People often ask me what I eat or sometimes ask me if I like food. What kind of question is that? Before I say anything, they already expect me to ONLY eat Sushi or some sorts of raw fish stuff everyday.
Vivian (Me) : "NO, I don't eat sushi everyday."
(If you are curious what other questions people have asked me, click - Weird Questions?)
They always seem very disappointed when their expectation doesn't match with what I said.
So, they always follow up with millions of questions.
I always get overwhelmed by "millions of follow-up questions"
Do you eat rice? salad? chicken? mushroom? pasta? ... (list goes on)...

I eat ...
Japanese food
Healthy food
Soup, Rice, Vegetable, Seafood...
German food
Festival food
Unique food
Canadian food
Cheesy food
Oily food
French Fries
Korean food
Hawaiian food
Sandwich, Fruits, Meat, Pasta
French food
Spanish food
Bread, Dairy stuff
Thai food
Vietnamese food
Indian food
Spicy food
Noodles, Mushrooms 
Mediterranean food
Mexican food
Vegetarian food

MANY MORE Delicious Food from All over the World

I love both cooking and eating food. I'm waaaay far from a picky eater although there are foods that I can't eat or don't prefer eating. However, I always give it a try. I think it's unfair to say "I don't like it" before I actually taste the food. It is also really rude to people who made the produces and cooked for us. It's not good to be a picky eater in Japan. My grandma always told me that we need eat little bit of everything.
Also, I love trying authentic / unique / strange food. When I visit a different country, this is a "MUST DO" thing for me. So, I have tried some unique foods that some people get grossed out.
So, the answer to "what do I eat?" is basically...
"the same as what you eat + probably more delicious food that you haven't even tried" haha

My favorite American food is
New York Cheesecake!! haha
When you come to America, please give it a try ^^

If you know strange & delicious foods, please share!!
what it is, where I can try, how it tastes like... etc.
I would love to try that in the future :)

Talk to you soon