Friday, August 2, 2013

12 reasons why I love Oregon

Have you thought about why you love where you live? job, school, family... etc. I bet there are many reasons that keep you there. After coming to Oregon, many many many people have asked me why I chose Oregon (which I kinda answered Why United States? click there & read more!). Also, people ask me why I don't want to move to a different state such as NY or CA.
"why don't you move to ...?" ... I don't move because I love Oregon (´vωv`*)。o0○

Let me tell you good things about Oregon

1. Friendly Oregonians
I have heard A LOT of international students saying that "I came here, but it's hard to make local friends..." "I don't have any local friends" etc.. It it hard. Many of us get shy mainly because of the language barrier and cultural differences. We, international students, have to encourage ourselves to be friendly. Of course, like everywhere, there are some rude people in Oregon. However, many people seem to be very friendly to international students as well. As a proof, I have met many nice & friendly people here.

2. Oregonian English
This is totally my biased opinion. If you don't agree with me, please let me know nicely in the comment section below. I think Oregonians speak clear and slow for me compared to other native English speakers who I have met in different places. When I got here, I was afraid to hear Oregonian English.. Because my English was super limited, I hoped I could "hear" what they said as some kinds of language at least at the time. My host mother spoke, my advisers spoke, and other Oregonians spoke.. Oh, thanks Oregonians. I could understand & recognize their words. Very clear. Slow enough. This is what I thought, and I was super happy.

3. Hungry squirrels
I had never seen wild squirrels before. Then.. BOOOOOM!! They are everywhere. The other day, I saw a squirrel carrying a cookie, maybe OREO. He was happily walking in front of me, then he found a giant fat monster (me) walking behind him. He got super scared and ran away very quickly.... without the cookie. The monster felt bad for him & he felt bad for the cookie.. (;_;)(;_;) they are too cute...

4. Rain
I love rain sooo much.

5. Natures
It's beautiful. I can share some pictures with you, but You just need to see it.
6. Fruits
Because it rains all the time(?), Oregon gets super delicious fruits ヽ(  ´  ∇  `  )ノ yes, my favorite food in the world. During the Summer, you will be able to buy very yummy fruits and vegetables with great deals.

7. Hiking
Nature = hiking!! Oregon got many hills, mountains, water falls, ocean, creeks, .. what else? haha Hiking trails everywhere\(^▽^\)(/^▽^)/ Beautiful sightseeing (nature) everywhere 
8. Portland Hipsters' Fashion
I promised you that I would blog about this, and I will! I have been writing about it (^^) You are more than welcome to google it. Portland Hipster Fashion is my first and the only fashion that I have liked so far!!

9. Antique shops
As you already know, I love antique shops. Because there are not many stores that I like except these antique shops, I don't spend a lot of money on clothes, beauty items, and more as much as I did in Japan. Antique stuff is the bbbbbiggest one that takes my money now.

10. No Sales Tax
Did you know that Oregon doesn't have sales tax? This is the most amazing thing for a shopaholic = me.

11. Rainbow
Seriously, it rains A LOT here. Even when the Sun comes out, it rains. After That??? Rainbow!!

12. People's reaction of weather
I honestly had never cared about weather in Japan. However, people here get really really happy when it's sunny. This is so cute! My first blog post about was this, remember? If you don't, click HERE to read it!

There are many more things that you guys might love.
But this is just a sneak peak of why I, Vivian, love Oregon (-U-)

ho ho ho!
Now, you like Oregon a little bit too, right?

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