Saturday, August 3, 2013

11 favorite English expressions in the US

Hellooo, amigos! Every language has some kinds of expressions. The expressions are very interesting to me. Why? It's very unique that idioms in the US mean totally different meanings in this country. I believe that many languages have some kinds of idioms. When I don't know the expressions, I just think that the speaker must be a joker.. or I just pretend to understand what the speaker is saying.. Do you understand what I mean?
Quiz Timeeee !!
Q. what do these idioms mean?
  1. Piece of cake
  2. I'm broke
  3. Rain cats and dogs
  4. Keep your chin up
  5. You are what you eat
  6. Chicken
  7. Drive one nuts
  8. Keep one's fingers crossed
  9. Blow one's mind
  10. Cross the line
  11. Hang in there!
Could you guess what these idioms / sayings mean? I should put a random picture here, so that you guys don't need to see the answers before you think of your answers.
a bit of me and goats
Did we destruct you? haha
Answers (- U -)
  1. something that is very easy
  2. I have no money
  3. Raining very hard
  4. Stay positive
  5. Eat healthy
  6. A person who is NOT brave and is scared to do stuff
  7. To annoy sooo much, toooo much. (nuts = crazy)
  8. Stay hopeful (fingers crossed = luck)
  9. Something really surprised
  10. Go too far
  11. Don't give up! Don't stop trying
How many did you get correct? These answers are from eflnet,, and Garfy! If you have better answers to any of the idioms, please leave a comment below on my blog! Thank you!
I don't use idioms and sayings as much because I am not familiar with many of them. I love learning idioms. They always drive me nuts though. haha (*> _ <*) What is your favorite US English expressions / idioms / sayings?

Hope you had a fun !

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