Saturday, August 3, 2013

10 countries that people thought I am from

Before I start saying any words, I gotta say this... "This is Weird." If you get offended for some reasons, I am very sorry. I am not making things up. These countries are ACTUALLY what people thought I am from ((o(;△;)o)). "Hey, are you from ... ?" "You are from ..., right?" I have gotten a lot of them. To be honest, I was very confused and couldn't believe them that they thought I am not from my country. But, there has been no reason for me to be offended or get mad at. I am a foreigner in the US. People want to figure out where I am from, try not to be offensive, and be nice to me/_・)/_・)/_・)/_・)/_・)/_・)/_・)/_・)I am actually enjoying to hear which country people will come up to judge me. haha

Where am I from?
I will give you 3 pictures of me which you have already seen on my previous blog post. If you know where I am from already, you can guess which countries people come up with. (10 countrieeees!)
Could you guess where I am from?

1. Japan
☆ I am from Japan!  So this is the correct answer. Congratulation o(*'▽'*)/☆゚'・:*☆ It was easy, isn't it?

2. Korea
3. China
Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.. I think we look different. However, it's hard for some people to tell who is what. I understand that because it's still hard for me to tell the differences of latinos.

4. Vietnam
This is different. I actually get this from actual Vietnamese from Vietnam. They start talking with me in Vietnamese. As soon as they find out that I am not Vietnamese, .... "you look like my friend" ..... they tell me or show me their friends in Vietnam who look like me.

5. Mexico
I just love Mexicans so much. I have a best friend who I call hermana. She is from Mexico. She showed me how wonderful people from Mexico are (o‥o)/.. seems like some people get offended to be called Mexican. But I am not offended at all. I am happy!

6. somewhere in Europe
I can't agree with this at all. I wish I looked like European. I look 100% Asian, I think.

7. Philippine
I took a tour with my best friend, Summer, who looks like an islander (She is 100% Japanese, but people always always make a mistake and think that she is half). On the tour, everybody thought we were from Philippine. ha

8. Islands (Hawaii)
My first day of the school!! Orientation!! My adviser asked me which islands I am from. I said Japan (island, right? lol). He thought I was from Hawaii or somewhere around there. haha It was very funny!

9. Local (Oregon, US)
10. Jakarta, Indonesia
I went to Bali island in Indonesia with Summer. The local people told me I look like I am from Jakarta where I had never been to. Fortunately, we had to change out flight in Jakarta and could see what people in Jakarta look like. I agree. I look like people in Jakarta. ahaha (Summer looked like people from Bali, by the way)

I think there were some more others as well, but I can't remember them unfortunately right now. It's been very very interesting for me. I have learned in Psychology class that ALL of us tend to categorize others for ourselves to understand who and what they are. It is true, I guess. haha (*`◇´*)/
I am gonna see Summer very soon. If you are curious Summer's appearance, her picture will be on my blog soon (if I get her permission). She is one of the gorgeous girls who I know. hehe

Anyway, how was it? Did you get it right? Did you get them right?

Hope you enjoyed today's blog post!
I will talk to you tomorrow


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