Friday, August 30, 2013

Japan Trip : Kyoto

Hellooo, amigos! The 1st place we went was Kyoto (*^U^*) I have soo many pictures. I visited so many places in Kyoto. I definitely have to break this post into at least 2 posts. Oh, how I wish I was a Youtuber, so I could just film it and tell you how beautiful Kyoto is quickly and realistically. The first place we visited in Kyoto was ... (I always always wanted to come to this place and WE DID!!)
Can you find a ninja? Oh no, it's too fast. You might not be able to see him.
I really love Samurai, Ninja, ... Japanese traditional / historical stuff! I was super happy to visit Toei Kyoto Studio Park, obviously. It is like... Universal Studio. People still use this studio to film some movies. There are few fun attractions as well. If you are into Samurai movies, you should come here! Even if you are not into them, you should!! You can experience FUN STUFF!!
What a day! I have so many more pictures that I would like to share with you, but.. I think I shared more then enough. haha Sorry for this heavy post. We could watch a play that taught us how to film Samurai movie. I grow up with watching Samurai TV shows when other girls were watching girly girly kids shows. This is why it was Cool. Super cool. ('U')

Then, we came back to Kyoto and had a fuuuun.
talk to you sooooon!

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