Monday, September 2, 2013

Japan Trip : Kyoto 2

Helloooo, amigos! So as I mentioned my previous post, I am writing the 2nd oneee! Check out my previous Kyoto blog postKyoto city is one of the oldest cities in Japan. Have you heard of Maiko (/Geisha, perhaps)? Have you seen pictures of current Japanese traditional buildings? Probably, these are from Kyoto. It's a very gorgeous city. Of course, Summer and I joined Garfy and his friend to enjoy Kyoto as tourists too (∩´∀`)∩(∩´∀`)∩
6oo years old of a Bonsai Tree
We found many people crossing the river in Arashiyama, Kyoto... Can you see them? I don't know why they were doing it at all, but we crossed it tooooo (^0^)!!!
At night, there was one of the well-known Summer festivals in Japan: Daimonji Yaki / Gozan no Okuribi. If you click it, it will show you what Gozan no Okuribi is. We could see 3 letters out of 5 letters. (which is pretty awesome!!) Here is one of them although it's not the best photo. Kyoto is such a pretty place, right?

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