Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jojoba Oil

Hola, friends!! Water in Japan and Water in US are very different. Some states have pretty bad water that have damaged my hair. How bad is it? um... my friend dyed her hair color from black to greenish brown without bleaching it. A week later, A WEEK LATER, she had very very light brown; almost blond. It's surely caused by other factors as well, but you will hear people from different places complaining about how bad the water is for their hair. I couldn't believe it. "Water is water" This was my thought. Then, I came to Oregon, I felt the difference. (I have been using same shampoo and conditioner for 4 years.) My hair is good! Oregon's water and weather are pretty good! Anyway, I finally decided to take care of my hair!

(⊃´∀`)⊃ "Ellips Hair Vitamin"
I purchased this hair treatment when I went to Indonesia. Don't worry! It seems like we can buy this in different countries and on online. It contains Jojoba Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, and more natural things such as Aloe Vera. Have you heard of Jojoba Oil? I'd heard of Moroccan Oil, coconuts oil, olive oil, etc. When I saw "Jojoba Oil" on it, I did a little tiny research of the oil. It helps to soften skins and hair, so that it's used for many beauty products. (More information : Top 10 Uses of Jojoba Oil ). I found Jojoba oil to be very useful. These tiny things can really make my hair very soft!

How do we use it?

apply it to the damaged part of your hair

simple, isn't it? My favorite parts of this product are 1, not greasy 2, small. This is a perfect size for taking to trips. I hate carrying my beauty products when I go on a trip. They use many spaces, put weights, make me worried of leaking, and sometimes make me want to cry. GEEZ!! 。・+゚・(ノд+)・+゚・。Ellips don't take spaces. When it's done, I can throw the small containers away. Personally, I prefer floral smells. BUT this convenience makes me like this products! Of course, I took some with me to Portland on memorial weekend. (Check it out : memorial day weekend blog)

It's SUPER hard to see how soft my hair is on the picture, but I decided to use ellips and take a picture on the bus to share with you! Can you see the difference? baha! It's definitely smooth. My hair got moisturized but not oily at all. I really enjoy using this "cute pink hair treatments"!

It was not expensive in Indonesia. If you go there, I recommend you to get one!!
I would love to read what you use for your hair(*'ω'*) My goal is to try as many hair products as possible and find a perfect one for my hair!! hehe Hope you enjoyed my first review.

hugs :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Could you guess the answer to the question from my previous blog? If you didn't know the question, go to my previous blog (←click right now), and come back here to continue reading (* `ー´)ノ 

My gorgeous weekend started with... Amtrak. (2 levels of passenger accommodation)
It was deeper that I thought. Water came in my rain boots (-3-)

This trip wasn't only for celebrating our 7 months but also cheering Garfy up. (Garfy lost his car on Thursday because of a drunk driver.) It was decided super very last minutes; Friday night. We went to Portland by Amtrak without booking a hotel. Could you guess correctly? We ended up staying at The Benson. The hotel was very historical, and the room & the view from the room were B E A U T I F U L. Rain didn't bother our shopping, walking, eating, and more joyful things! We had Room Service for our dinner (*´▽`*) THEN, the night was perfect with Garfy's friends at McMenamins (McMenamins is one of my favorite buildings in Oregon!) I had the most amazing time with Garfy and felt very happy to see him being happy. If you haven't started celebrating monthly anniversary, I highly recommend you to just dress up nicely and have a fun right now! haha

How was your Memorial day weekend? I hope you all had a wonderful one☆

hugs :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get ready with me for Memorial Day

Hola, Everybodyyyy
Have you decided what to do for Memorial day weekend?
I have! I have! Sunday is our 7months anniversary. Monday is Memorial Day. Busy Garfy has a bit of time to babysit ME this weekend. He wanted to go somewhere and do something different so badly... (-ω-)☆ It's a bit boring to just tell you what to do, isn't it? It's sooo lame if I pack things up and don't share anything with you till next week, right? So... Here is "a quiz" for you (/・ω・)/Where will Garfy & I go this weekend? leave comments of your guesses on this blog post, please (´―`人)))
Of course, I will give you some hints as I get ready for the weekend♪
Left Top : floral pajama
Left Bottom : sleep-over set
make-up stuff, tooth brushes, tooth paste, some sample beauty products, facial masks
I love to try beauty samples on the trips! which means "beauty products' review blog post" will come up soon!
Middle : bunny room socks
Right : swim wear
(All of them are from Japan)
Top from the left : hair straightener from Conair, hand bag from rue 21, tea bags & candies
Bottom : formal & casual dresses
I may change these dresses.
Right : bag! from Tommy Hilfiger

More hints...Amtrak, Rose, Forever 21, Camera, Garfy's friends
If you are Oregonian, you would know where we will go by now. (; ・`д・´)σ

Day before yesterday in Oregon
I went to school the other day to participate only 1 Psychological experiment that takes less than 3 minutes. It takes almost 1 hour / way from home to school. It was soooo cold & rainy. I usually love rain, but I felt so miserable (ノД`)・゜・。aaa..

Today in Oregon
Hello, Sun! Hello, Sun!! ('ω')ノ

What's your plan for this weekend?
I hope the Sun will keep us warm & the world bright this weekend.
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, Everyone!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sophisticated ?

Hola, Everyone! Today, I want to invite you to my home! My Home Tourヽ(゜∇゜)ノ (I wish..)
I went to Pittock Mansion last months. Why am I uploading my old memory? It's because I promised you about my dress from April Favorite, so here it is!!

with Mr. Pittock (●´∀`●)∩ Same face?
what is this? what is Garfy using?
with our tour guide ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ

just super gorgeous! I'd love to go to different countries to spend my time.. but Because I am still a student, enjoying the beautiful art and antique is one of my favorite things to spend my time. Every once in a while, I believe it's very important to escape from the stressful life & enjoy the dreamy (/no-stressful) life. Don't you sometimes think so? It was a time for me to escape from all the stress. I can never ever afford this much money to build such a beautiful mansion, but it just inspires me a lot. For some reason, when I am at antique places... I smile all the time, talk quietly, walk softly, and feel very sophisticated (-U-) haha Look at my huge smile! I was obviously happy to be there.

In Oregon, I also recommend you to visit...
Oregon Coast light houses
to see historical places and feel sophisticated (*´v`*)♪

Where do you go to escape from your stressful life? Which historical places do you recommend me to visit?

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Little Happiness

3 & half years ago, I came to Oregon. Since then, I've met wonderful people & had interesting experiences through being an international student. I was wishing to share my life with all of you waaay earlier, but I didn't know any English... .(T―T)...sad I'm glad I can finally start blogging although I'm still learning English. I'm very excited to share more of 1)my multicultural life, 2)the products that I bought in the US, and 3)healthy diet tips. My life is finally settled and fulfilled with millions of happiness, so I almost forgot that I have a time limit. About a year from now, I will be in Japan. I will be home. I will be with my family. I will be with my friends. I will be at my job. I will be with my puppy. I will be missing all of you for sure and for real.
Yesterday, I talked with my university adviser. I have about 40 credits to finish up. 40 credits seem a lot, but they can/will put a period onto my international student life within a yearTo be honest, I felt excited and sad at the same time, so I went to find some happiness to make myself cheered up:)
flower flower flower ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚:
Flowers make us happy, don't they? Nature has put colors on the canvas of the Earth. Only 1 flower can make a boring view to look like painted pictures by well known artists or the photoshopped photographs. Don't you agree?

 A small exercise is always a stress reliever of mine. I took a small walk to take some pictures of happiness to share with you (●・ω・)(・ω・◎)(○・ω・○)(◎・ω・)(・ω・●)
Girl's talk + a slice of cake + a cup of tea sounded wonderful (^^) I went to see my Mexican sister. I tried a Mexican cake called "tres leche" which means three milk. It's suuuuuper milky and wet.

Then, I came home to a letter from my university.
Someone surely knows how to make me happy ((*´▽`*)

Thank you for reading my blog, everyone :) You surely put a smile on my face!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mini Spring Hauls

Why is it "Mini" Spring Hauls? It's because it'll be a very long post if I introduce all the products that I bought. So.. just a sneak peak for you ('ω')ノ" My shopping style is not like I buy tons of stuff at the same store. I like to buy few stuff here and there. I like to go here and there and here again. Guys, please don't make fun of us that girl's shopping takes forever. To be a good shopper, we need to...
  • observe what the workers are wearing
  • what the trend of the season is like
  • "compare prices (very important!)"
  • "compare clothes"
  • try clothes in the fitting room to give a final judgment
It's not our fault that we spend a long time for shopping. It's just that there are many fantastic stuff that we need to go through. Shopping is like a war. We fight with hundreds of attractive clothes. We use lots of energy & brain. Support us, love us, Guys! (≧∇≦*)(*≧∇≦)
...(( ̄_ ̄ )(  ̄_ ̄))
Hey.. Don't we give you cheerful words, love, fake smiles etc. to support you when you fight with hundreds of little things on TV; video games? You guys take forever too!
♪you and meee, we are the sameee♪ (*´▽`*)人(*´▽`*)

Forever 21
I am a bit over obsessed with floral stuff. I have many many floral stuff in my closets. Aaaand I got some more. Don't you have similar experience? Like.. you realize that you have many clothes that look very similar.
  • White formal dress (US$15ish) : So beautiful party dress! Very soft. This dress shows the body line very well, but the vivid flowers catch viewers attention more + the length is not too short & not too long (it comes to my knees). So it's not just a "sexy party dress". I can wear this to everywhere from  fancy places to casual parties. I'm excited!

  • Chiffon dress(US$15ish) : My favorite fabric and My favorite color of clothes  The Cutest part is that the second layer has a different design (smaller flowers)!!
Local Vintage Shop
  • Floral laptop case(US$26) : This adorable thing saves my laptop's life! I always drop my laptop or hit it somewhere, it breaks very quickly (o'H'o) Be tough, Mrs. laptop! Anyway, this is very useful not only to save its life, but also to put a little accent to my fashion (^^) It's like a gorgeous accessory.
Local Clothing Store
  • Maxi dress (US$20) : The beautiful lace comes all the way down to my lower back. I wasn't gonna buy it, but I couldn't forget about it for couple days. 3days later, I went back to store. This was still there, so I got this! It was a "must"! I wore it for 6months aniv & impressed Garfy. Definitely my favorite summer dress.
  • Flat shoes (US$8) : Super Cute! This color & style goes with every casual fashion style.
Bath and Body Work
  • Body Soaps (US$11 each) : Bath&Body had wonderful deal combination; "buy 3 get 2 free" + "buy $30 get 20% off" + "free shipping." Everything smells very very great! I'll talk about them individually in my next blog! I want to use these products at least once and tell you how these worked:) so that you guys can get more ideas of which is what, right?
My boyfriend took a pic of my funny face the other day. I thought I was doing pretty good funny face, but it turned out that I have many wrinkles around my eyes!! Am I that old now!? + the sun beam causes us to have more wrinkles. SUMMER! I wanna go outside, but I am scared!
  • Eye Cream(US$25) : I will see how helpful this is... fingers crossed


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

April Favorites

It's been a while since April ended.
Just Now, I thought it'd be fun to introduce my favorites monthly :)
Also, I forget things VERY easily, so this can be a little note for myself^^
Like people says
"Just Do It"    photo by Nike

so I decide to start from today
*if you click each link, you can jump to the products' websites*

Let's begin from the left (´・ω・`)

1. Honey Sleeping Pack from South Korea
Summer's mom gave me! (Summer = my best friend) It smells fruity, honey, wonderful, & sweet (but not rich). When I apply it on my face and sleep with it for Only 2days in a row... my face! my face gets super smooth! It's miracle.

2. Moroccan Oil : Moroccan Argan Oil
from Organix. I also have shampoo & conditioner that go with it. They were 1 of my X'mas presents last year. Since Moroccan oil seems to become famous, I finally opened it. I apply it on my hair every morning after taking a shower. It leaves a pretty good smell on my hair! It's not too greasy which is great for me because I don't like my hair to look oily. Since I use many products for my very damaged hair, so it's so hard to see which one affects my hair better... so I can't really say anything like this has worked the best(`・⊝・´)

3. Shower Gel : Frosted Snowberry US$11
from Bath & Body Works. This is for me!
"Blue + Christmas + Fruity smell + dog = ME" (。◕ ∀ ◕。)
This is a combination of all of my favorite things! This makes my shower time great★

4. Lotion US$25ish
from CLINIQUE. I think this works perfect for my skin type. I apply this, only one push at a time, twice a day after washing my face. Very strong fragrance products make me feel sick. So this fragrance free lotion is great! I tried its travel sized one & I liked it, so I got this bigger one!

5. Body butter "Carried Away" US$15
from Bath & Body Works againThe floral smell is not very strong but lasts for a long time! My legs usually get dry, so I have to put body lotion at least twice a day. But with this one, I only need once in the morning. That's it! My legs are still very soft with the soft floral smell in the evening too! Amazing!

6. Dress
*My favorite NEW dress* sorry for wrinkles. I ironed it just now.. I guess I need to do it again:( Anyway, when I saw this dress, I fell in love with it immediately. Very summery, girly, sexy, a bit vintage shape... (^_^) The dress comes down to my knees, so it's not too sexy which I love about this dress. It's bigger than the size I normally wear, but ..... the next moment, I realized that I was paying at the cashier. Luckily, I haven't regretted that yet. I'll post a pic of myself next time so that you can see how long it is on me.

7. Movie : Howl's Moving Castle
Howl: "you are beautiful"
Can somebody tell me that if I happened to look really old now? please? It's a romantic story of a wizard without a heart who exchanged a contract with a devil and a girl whom a witch made to an old woman. Though, I've watched it several times, Howl always takes my heart whenever I watch it. It's one of the Studio Ghibli movies by Hayao Miyazaki from Japan. His movies are always made by such unique concepts with the beautiful art touch and beautiful music. My friend, Garfy & I are doing Studio Ghibli movie marathon every Saturday!

8. Random :
this picture from pinterest just makes me smile
・:*:・'★.。・:*:・'☆(● ̄u ̄●)*・:*:・'★.。・:*:・'☆