Sunday, June 2, 2013

Why United States?

"Why did you choose to come to the US?"
I get this kind of questions all the time. I am sure other international students do too.
Everybody has different reasons to pick a country for his / her study abroad experience.

This is mine.

1. Interested in other languages
When I was about 5 years old, I saw two guys communicating with Japanese sign language. I couldn't stop looking at them. I thought "I have no idea what they are doing with hands, but they are communicating with silence. I know foreigners say 'bajsigdteiugruih' and they can communicate with whatever it is. If I master another language, 'bajsigdteiugruih' could make sense to me? I wanna talk with them..." I stared at the guys too long, and one of the guys flipped me off. As a 5 years-old girl, I didn't know what it meant. BUT I knew it was something bad sign because it hurt my heart so deeply. I know what it means now, and I still remember how painful it was in my heart. haha

2. Wanted to overcome English
Although I have been always interested in languages, it was a different story when it came to a subject. I almost failed high school because of English. I didn't understand WHY I had to study English for others (yes, the best excuse to avoid studying another language). After actually meeting people from all over the world, I changed my thought. I want to make international friends. I want to learn about them, their countries, their cultures, and their religions. I was frustrated that I couldn't talk with them well!!

3. Needed a change in my life
I was a hater once. I hated Japan. I hated my family's problems. I hated myself being a hater. I hated I couldn't do anything by myself because I was a spoiled child. I really thought I had to learn how to live by my own. I needed a change in my life.

4. No school for me in England
I am not gonna hide. I was originally planning to go to my dream country, England, to study. THEN, I found out that my GPA from my high school was waaay too low for universities in England. My adviser told me that there were many school for me in the US. I was like... "America?" (=゚ω゚)ノ

It was a time for me. High School Graduation.
I was 120% sure that "if I missed this change, I would never be able to go anywhere for a long time".

Then, I made an action.
I talked with my adviser secretly and got almost all the paper works done. After everything is almost done, I talked with my mother. She said NO. We had such a real and deep conversation for the first time in our life. I also talked with my father. He said YES. He promised to support me. After all, my mother finally said YES at almost the same time as my father said yes. I really thank my parents to be very supportive and to give me this opportunity. I couldn't go anywhere to study without my family.

My new life started.

Myself, My life, My friends... and many more
Everything changed.

How has my life changed? Well, it's another story (^^)


  1. Hey Vivian!

    What a wonderful experience this seems to be! :D I'd love to study in America, but my preference is actually England as well :D England is close to Belgium, so I wouldn't be far away from my family. I go to London five time a year to shop, and I love the culture! The people there are always so friendly and so elegant and nice...
    But one of my teachers went a year to America and she really liked that, so I'm still undecided :)

    xoxo Savannah

    1. Hellooo, Savannah:)
      5 times for shopping? I really am jealous. haha People in England are very elegant & nice? awesome! I really do wish I was a British person. (;^;) sad
      I've never met or involved anybody from England... so I don't actually know who British people are like:( England surely is my "dream" thing.

      You still got a plenty of time! I'm sure both countries are great places to earn interesting experiences! Hope you pick a best place for yourself :)☆

      hugs, Vivi