Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Haul

People in the US usually celebrate Halloween on the weekend before the actual Halloween day when the actual day is during the week day. This year, Halloween is on THURSDAY! so, there are many many many Halloween events going on this weekend. I decorated my apartment with paper-pumpkins. I, personally, am not a big fan of Halloween because I hate ghosts and other creepy scary things. So, My decoration is very simply and cheap way, so that my apartment looks fun not scary (^^)
There are 7 pumpkins being cute here. Just placing the paper pumpkins gives cute halloween looks! I also bought this cute socks to enjoy Halloween in a fun way! I'm waiting to wear this until Halloween weekend!
But I loooove to do fun things & events, so I can't say that I dislike Halloween. I love these events, but at the same time, I just hate hate hate them. My first date with Garfy was around this time. I was super happy, excited, & nervous while I was waiting for him. ... I didn't know that there was a Zombie walk thing going on the night. As soon as I saw these Zombies, my happiness disappeared and my fear said "hello" to me. It was so bad. They destroyed my first date... I guess Garfy was kind enough to deal with me since we are still seeing each other. haha This is why I don't have any scary costumes with me. haha

This year, I bought several things for Halloween. Guess, what or who I will be (^0^)!