Friday, September 20, 2013

Tokyo Disney World

Hey hey hey hey hey!! Did you know that Japan has Tokyo Disney World? Did you know that there are Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disney Land? No?? Now, you do! I asked some of my friends and people who I went to explore Disney "which one should we go?" Disney Sea won! (If you like rides and haven't visited California Disney Land, you should go to Tokyo Disney Land.)
Do you remember this girl? It's Yumi! I interviewed her couple months ago when she was in the US. (Check the interview out!) Tokyo Disney Sea is everything related to Ocean! What things come to your mind when you think of Ocean + Well-knows place? Yes, Venice, Italy!! Gorgeous, isn't it? Many many water related characters are at Disney Sea  (*´▽`*) oh how beautiful!
Disney Land / Sea are known for different tastes of popcorn. Many people go to Disney Land / Sea for trying new flavored popcorn or getting their favorite flavored popcorn. I, personally, do not like popcorn.... after trying many kinds of popcorn. BUT my recommendation to you is this taste; Milk Tea flavored Popcorn!! Please, I can't believe that popcorn can be this tasty. I will definitely go back to Disney Sea to get this again. If you don't like popcorn, you can just check how many and what kind of flavors they have.
Trust me, there are many. 
 (prank!!? Garfy is being Ariel behind other tourists)
Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the dating spots.. means that many couples go there. I always always wanted to go with my boyfriend. Garfy made my tiny dream come true (*´v`*) Tokyo Disney Resort doesn't provide "first visit badge" like Disney World in the US, but they do give you "Birthday Stickers" even when it's not on your birthday. Garfy got one... Workers were like ハッピーバースデー!! (Happi- ba-sude- AKA Happy Birthday), and Garfy was like ありがとうございます(thank you in Japanese). You MUST try it!! haha We unfortunately didn't get to see any Disney characters there, but we sure had sooo much fun!

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