Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
Thanksgiving is one of the family events in the US. Family get together and eat a huge and gorgeous dinner!!
oops this was a photo of Christmas! haha I am super super excited about Christmas soo much!

But for students around this time... it's just a stressful weekend. The final week / dead week is coming up very soon. Final exams and final projects are waiting for us. We have to do tons of extra credit works and possibly other missing work. Then, other school work must be keeping you very busy as well. Plus, we have stuff to do outside of the school!! I can totally understand those who are stressed out about stuff right now!

I am super stressed out because I am in between what I want to do and what I have to do.
For example,
I wanna go black friday shopping, but I should sleep or work on homework.
I wanna take a break. Oh then, why don't I work on making food for thanksgiving?
I want my stress to be gone. Okay, I got another one.
I wanna eat a lot, but being too full will makes me sleepy.


I can feel you out there struggling with those stress!!
Cheer up!
Good luck, students!!

inhale & exhale 

Let's be thankful with what we have and who we are.

I am very thankful that I am alive right now. My family is alive and safe as well. I have food. I can go to school. I can learn so many stuff. I can read, write, speak, and so on. I could get this opportunity to be an international students. I have been able to meet so many wonderful people through this opportunity. I am also thankful that I have being able to share a part of my life with Garfy. Oh my I can go on forever!
I would love to be the one who can always be thankful to everything everyday.

How many things and people can you give "thanks"?
Can you say more than I did?
I would love to read about what you are thankful for.
Thank you all so much for supporting me and reading my blog!
Hope you had a great thanks giving day

Friday, November 22, 2013

Group Work : First REAL Fair

I have been taking a leadership class. This class requires us to help an organization. The good thing is that I am not alone; I am with my group members. BUT I'm not gonna lie. Group works are always not easy. There are many different types of people in the world. Of course, there will be problems and difficulties with them and also with myself. On top of that, we have to achieve the tasks and goals that professors and organizations expect us to do together. However, I always learn something very valuable and helpful for me and my future. We can easily apply materials that we are learning in the class. We can meet new people and get to know the different types of people. Because we need to go through many things in a short period of time, OUR time and work become very important and very memorable. There are many pros and cons. I, personally, like it even though it's not easy at all. It's definitely an effective way for me to learn things.

This term is just awesome.
We have been doing many things! Especially, some members are very motivated about what we do for the organization and the class. They do wonderful work!! I have been involving many wonderful opportunities and experiences because of that. We could have picked very simple and easy work, but we didn't. We do two fundraising, create first newsletter from nothing, make a power point, and create & host a huge event for this organization. Each member has their own tasks. I'm mainly working on newsletter, fundraising, and a part of the event. Seriously, those amount of work that we have to do for the organization... our trust for other members and communication between members are SUPER important. It is NOT easy to do that! but... oh my gosh! I just love this team. I don't know how many things I could learn from my team and these opportunities.
This is such a valuable experience.
So, we just finished a part of the projects for this organization. It was a huge part of the projects as well. The fair. It's not a small tiny scale; it was an entire school scale. Many organizations at school involved. Many faculty members and students helped us out. Many students were able to learn about those organizations. I am still overwhelmed. Although I should talk about specific things of what we did there, I honestly don't know what to tell you. It was a great opportunity!
If you want to be an international student in the US, "group work" is something that you have to do in school. I still have a hard time doing "group work" even though I have been an international student for long enough. What I do to motivate myself is to think "I can learn million things from group work." It's all depending on you. How you think about "group work" matters. If you are open to do things with your group and work hard with them, you will definitely learn many many many things and skills. You can't learn those things and apply them to your life if you are just sitting in the class and do nothing. Don't be shy! Ask for help if you need. Everyone will help you out. This will help you to create good connections and lead you to be successful as a team! This is actually what I learned this term from this group so far. hehe This term hasn't ended yet. I am very thrilled to learn many more!
Great work, everyone!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seattle Trip

Not an awesome weather
Not an awesome driver
 Not awesome hair & face

I had tons of school works on the weekend, so we had to stop by McDonald's couple times to submit my homework on the way to Seattle. (-□-)=3 *sigh* I could get to see different parts (/different McDonald's) of Washington states, so that was good :) We did some tourist things last time when we came up here, so we wanted to do something different. different.. different...
Garfy got new boyfriend
Look at this giant pumpkin! haha
I really like Seattle. I wanna say Seattle people are fashionable but don't live in crazy busy life. Since it is a tourist place, people are more comfortable to deal with people from different countries. Well, correct me if you live in Seattle and find different sides of Seattle. I just visit Seattle, so I don't know the deeper side of Seattle obviously. Anyway, it's always fun to come up here for me. I can always be relaxed and excited at the same time. Or maybe... I should say .. I am a huge fan of coffee and coffee shops, so the fact of "Seattle is known for coffee" makes me happy! Did you know that there is a first Starbucks place in Seattle?
When I found out about that, I was very excited. haha
There are many tourist places where you can visit in Seattle. Pike place market, Space needle, safeco field, and ... many more places. The best part of this place is that you can find a FREE map for tourists EVERYWHERE! I find this very helpful. Otherwise, I have to research super many things for a looong time before I go there. I might need to buy tourist travel books to plan things because.. nobody wanna miss gorgeous things at that place you are visiting, right? So, I always grab it when I am there. (^^) You should check it out too! Maybe, you can find it useful as I did! It was so much fun!

1 year anniversary happened.
This trip was part of my presents that he prepared. I gave him some surprise presents (^^) hehe
Maybe, this is the main reason why I enjoyed this trip. hehe

Hope you have a happy trip to Seattle


Sunday, November 10, 2013

a creative way to celebrate anniversaries

This post is especially for these people who aren't good at surprising partners or are looking for cheesy ideas for celebrating anniversaries. (If you are not interested in reading cheesy blog post, you should read some other my blog posts. I write about almost everything that I experienced and almost everywhere I visit. I share my international student life in the US here!)
1. Dress up
You don't have to dress up with very expensive stuff. It's OK if you don't wanna dress up. Nicer clothes add a little spice to your night and help you feel a little special with nicer clothes even though you are doing something very simple. Garfy and I dressed up nicely and were super ready for our special night. I wasn't even looking at the camera.. haha

2. Make a special MENU
You can actually make MENU and show it to your partner. Or you can just keep it secret and surprise your partner. Garfy surprised me with a wonderful course.
Eggplant Lasagna

Israeli Couscous with Green Onion
Green Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Iced Tea for me
Beer for him
Cinnamon Cookies for dessert

3. Make your own dining room into a Nice Restaurant

The night, we went to Garfy's Special Restaurant. It's a local restaurant in the US. It's actually pretty close from our place. It is at our dining and kitchen. hehe Garfy cooked such a gorgeous dinner for us!

3. Light up Candles
He is actually a really good cook. Plus, the night was very special, so he made it very romantic with a lot of candles. The pictures might be too dark to see because we didn't use lights to light up the space. I love his presentation here!! Very simple, but very romantic.
Candles sure have a magic to make a normal place become a romantic place!!

5. Enjoy your Special time with your partner
The food was super tasty!!! I felt very special. I highly recommend you to do this for your girlfriend. Especially for those people who don't usually cook! Especially for those people whose partners love cheesy stuff! I know this is very cheesy, but I appreciate how much efforts he put into prepare for this dinner. To add to that, I am the girl who loves cheesy stuff so much. haha!

Happy 1 year Anniversary
*** love (●´・ω・`)(´・ω・`●)love ***
Our 1st picture. It's from last year when we weren't really good at taking pictures of us at all. haha Look at our awkward faces. Well, we are still not good at taking our pictures by ourselves as you already saw on the beginning of this blog page. bahaha

This was a part of the presents from him, so I should say.. . To be continued. hehe
How do / did you celebrate with your partner? What is the most memorable anniversary to you?
I would love to read that (^^)


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Autumn Make-up

Trees are changing colors and putting the world many many colors! Because the west side of Oregon has a lot of nature, it's just so beautiful. Red, Yellow, Brown, Green!! Nature of the art (> H <) I didn't have a camera with me today. But I still wanted to share how beautiful it is, so I took some with my phoooone!
hmmm.. Hope you can feel the beauty. haha I really love stepping on and walking on these crunchy leaves on the ground. It's super fun to make the sound of crunchiness. The dry, light, but fun sound that these leaves make. Now, I feel the Autumn is here.

So, I decided to try new make up style for Autumn. Since school has started, I wanted it to be
1) quick, 2) simple, and 3) natural, but 4) gorgeous.
These are my keys for dairy make up during school.

I selected warm and kind colors that these leaves shows.
Yellow-ish gold, Warm dark brown, and Red!!
I used the gold one and the brown one for my eyes (^^)
At first, I put gold one on my entire eye lids, not under the eye brows. Then, I put the dark brown on and applied this instead of putting eye liner, so this dark brown eye shadow will make your eyes look soft and gorgeous. I blended two color in the middle of the eye lids, so that it's not completely separated species. It gradually changes color. I picked reddish pink lip stick to put gorgeous color on my face. haha Here is the picture. Hope you can kind of see what I did here.
(I forgot to wear mascara when I took this picture though)
Put your mascara on our eye lashes A LOT or apply false eye lashes.
Lighter colors of eye-shadow will help your eye lashes to stand out well.
So.. why don't we let them stand out as much as they can? Right?
& that's it. Isn't it easy?
(There, my face with mascara on!! oh, the lip stick and my sweater are gone though.. haha)
Hope you like it!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Haul

People in the US usually celebrate Halloween on the weekend before the actual Halloween day when the actual day is during the week day. This year, Halloween is on THURSDAY! so, there are many many many Halloween events going on this weekend. I decorated my apartment with paper-pumpkins. I, personally, am not a big fan of Halloween because I hate ghosts and other creepy scary things. So, My decoration is very simply and cheap way, so that my apartment looks fun not scary (^^)
There are 7 pumpkins being cute here. Just placing the paper pumpkins gives cute halloween looks! I also bought this cute socks to enjoy Halloween in a fun way! I'm waiting to wear this until Halloween weekend!
But I loooove to do fun things & events, so I can't say that I dislike Halloween. I love these events, but at the same time, I just hate hate hate them. My first date with Garfy was around this time. I was super happy, excited, & nervous while I was waiting for him. ... I didn't know that there was a Zombie walk thing going on the night. As soon as I saw these Zombies, my happiness disappeared and my fear said "hello" to me. It was so bad. They destroyed my first date... I guess Garfy was kind enough to deal with me since we are still seeing each other. haha This is why I don't have any scary costumes with me. haha

This year, I bought several things for Halloween. Guess, what or who I will be (^0^)!


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Here we come!!
We pretty much used trains to go everywhere while we were in Tokyo. You can drive cars to go to places because almost everybody surely has a driver's license. Taking trains is just more convenience & easy. We couldn't see people pushing each other to get onto the trains like crazy since it was a summer vacation seasons, but there were already enough people that made us feel very very crowded. (you can search "train in Tokyo" on Youtube. It's crazy)
We mainly went out for shopping, sightseeing, enjoying the night life... etc. We did a lot of stuff in Tokyo. Tokyo will never sleep. haha I wish I could write about what we did in Tokyo separately with many details, but I've been writing about Japan trip for a long time. It seems like I can never end my story of Japan trip because WE DID SOO MUCH STUFF!! haha 
What I really like about Tokyo is that...
It's clean. When you look ahead, you see the busiest city in the world with tons of people. When you look on your right, you see the traditional buildings. When you look on your left, you see natures. When you look behind you, you see really tall buildings everywhere. You should stop at every station and see completely different fashion styles, views, buildings, and so on.
I don't argue with you. Tokyo is the interesting place. I agree. I learn & find new things every day.

 I will write about Japan when I go back home. If you have any questions about Tokyo, leave a comment on this blog. I will surely love to recommend you places, foods, and many more things of Tokyo! I hope you can see what we did in Tokyo from day 5 to day 10 through my pictures. Sorry (;^;) I should end my story of this trip as "to be continued." Till the day, good bye Japan!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Tokyo Disney World

Hey hey hey hey hey!! Did you know that Japan has Tokyo Disney World? Did you know that there are Tokyo Disney Sea and Tokyo Disney Land? No?? Now, you do! I asked some of my friends and people who I went to explore Disney "which one should we go?" Disney Sea won! (If you like rides and haven't visited California Disney Land, you should go to Tokyo Disney Land.)
Do you remember this girl? It's Yumi! I interviewed her couple months ago when she was in the US. (Check the interview out!) Tokyo Disney Sea is everything related to Ocean! What things come to your mind when you think of Ocean + Well-knows place? Yes, Venice, Italy!! Gorgeous, isn't it? Many many water related characters are at Disney Sea  (*´▽`*) oh how beautiful!
Disney Land / Sea are known for different tastes of popcorn. Many people go to Disney Land / Sea for trying new flavored popcorn or getting their favorite flavored popcorn. I, personally, do not like popcorn.... after trying many kinds of popcorn. BUT my recommendation to you is this taste; Milk Tea flavored Popcorn!! Please, I can't believe that popcorn can be this tasty. I will definitely go back to Disney Sea to get this again. If you don't like popcorn, you can just check how many and what kind of flavors they have.
Trust me, there are many. 
 (prank!!? Garfy is being Ariel behind other tourists)
Tokyo Disney Resort is one of the dating spots.. means that many couples go there. I always always wanted to go with my boyfriend. Garfy made my tiny dream come true (*´v`*) Tokyo Disney Resort doesn't provide "first visit badge" like Disney World in the US, but they do give you "Birthday Stickers" even when it's not on your birthday. Garfy got one... Workers were like ハッピーバースデー!! (Happi- ba-sude- AKA Happy Birthday), and Garfy was like ありがとうございます(thank you in Japanese). You MUST try it!! haha We unfortunately didn't get to see any Disney characters there, but we sure had sooo much fun!