Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seattle Trip

Not an awesome weather
Not an awesome driver
 Not awesome hair & face

I had tons of school works on the weekend, so we had to stop by McDonald's couple times to submit my homework on the way to Seattle. (-□-)=3 *sigh* I could get to see different parts (/different McDonald's) of Washington states, so that was good :) We did some tourist things last time when we came up here, so we wanted to do something different. different.. different...
Garfy got new boyfriend
Look at this giant pumpkin! haha
I really like Seattle. I wanna say Seattle people are fashionable but don't live in crazy busy life. Since it is a tourist place, people are more comfortable to deal with people from different countries. Well, correct me if you live in Seattle and find different sides of Seattle. I just visit Seattle, so I don't know the deeper side of Seattle obviously. Anyway, it's always fun to come up here for me. I can always be relaxed and excited at the same time. Or maybe... I should say .. I am a huge fan of coffee and coffee shops, so the fact of "Seattle is known for coffee" makes me happy! Did you know that there is a first Starbucks place in Seattle?
When I found out about that, I was very excited. haha
There are many tourist places where you can visit in Seattle. Pike place market, Space needle, safeco field, and ... many more places. The best part of this place is that you can find a FREE map for tourists EVERYWHERE! I find this very helpful. Otherwise, I have to research super many things for a looong time before I go there. I might need to buy tourist travel books to plan things because.. nobody wanna miss gorgeous things at that place you are visiting, right? So, I always grab it when I am there. (^^) You should check it out too! Maybe, you can find it useful as I did! It was so much fun!

1 year anniversary happened.
This trip was part of my presents that he prepared. I gave him some surprise presents (^^) hehe
Maybe, this is the main reason why I enjoyed this trip. hehe

Hope you have a happy trip to Seattle


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