Sunday, November 10, 2013

a creative way to celebrate anniversaries

This post is especially for these people who aren't good at surprising partners or are looking for cheesy ideas for celebrating anniversaries. (If you are not interested in reading cheesy blog post, you should read some other my blog posts. I write about almost everything that I experienced and almost everywhere I visit. I share my international student life in the US here!)
1. Dress up
You don't have to dress up with very expensive stuff. It's OK if you don't wanna dress up. Nicer clothes add a little spice to your night and help you feel a little special with nicer clothes even though you are doing something very simple. Garfy and I dressed up nicely and were super ready for our special night. I wasn't even looking at the camera.. haha

2. Make a special MENU
You can actually make MENU and show it to your partner. Or you can just keep it secret and surprise your partner. Garfy surprised me with a wonderful course.
Eggplant Lasagna

Israeli Couscous with Green Onion
Green Salad with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Iced Tea for me
Beer for him
Cinnamon Cookies for dessert

3. Make your own dining room into a Nice Restaurant

The night, we went to Garfy's Special Restaurant. It's a local restaurant in the US. It's actually pretty close from our place. It is at our dining and kitchen. hehe Garfy cooked such a gorgeous dinner for us!

3. Light up Candles
He is actually a really good cook. Plus, the night was very special, so he made it very romantic with a lot of candles. The pictures might be too dark to see because we didn't use lights to light up the space. I love his presentation here!! Very simple, but very romantic.
Candles sure have a magic to make a normal place become a romantic place!!

5. Enjoy your Special time with your partner
The food was super tasty!!! I felt very special. I highly recommend you to do this for your girlfriend. Especially for those people who don't usually cook! Especially for those people whose partners love cheesy stuff! I know this is very cheesy, but I appreciate how much efforts he put into prepare for this dinner. To add to that, I am the girl who loves cheesy stuff so much. haha!

Happy 1 year Anniversary
*** love (●´・ω・`)(´・ω・`●)love ***
Our 1st picture. It's from last year when we weren't really good at taking pictures of us at all. haha Look at our awkward faces. Well, we are still not good at taking our pictures by ourselves as you already saw on the beginning of this blog page. bahaha

This was a part of the presents from him, so I should say.. . To be continued. hehe
How do / did you celebrate with your partner? What is the most memorable anniversary to you?
I would love to read that (^^)


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