Sunday, October 19, 2014

Colorado: Rocky Mountain National Park

Our 1st stop was COLORADO state.
Garfy's friend lives in Boulder, Colorado, so we decided to visit him :)
Denver Airport is basically a huge tent with tons of extremely artistic stuff. If you got a time at this airport, it would be fun to walk around the airport and appreciate the artistic stuff.
Some of them were too unique for me to understand of its own beauty.. haha
The next day,
We went to Rocky Mountain National Park!
I am not good at geography, but I remember learning about Rocky Mountain being in the US. So it was so cool to realize that I was at a place where I saw on the textbook when I was little. ha

Since Rocky Mountains are super long, we went to a tiny tiny part of them. It was such a beautiful day and we were able to hike to see three pretty lakes. However, I get car sick easily, so I was sick the entire time while we were driving. I had to miss cool views and an interesting hike.
Garfy and his friend went on a hike at a high elevation point. It was only 1 mile hike. But because of the limited amount of Oxygen, Garfy said it was so hard. Gosh!! I wanted to experience that :'( !!

There were a lot of chipmunks and moose ><
I had never seen neither of them!! Have you?
I also heard a moose making a noise like... ggggggg (kinda higher pitch)
So hard to describe moose's noise with letters. ahaha  

How many can you find?

I am gonna write more about my trip at Colorado state :D

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Find me on Instagram

Hello, my lovely friends!

I could finally come to my blog! I missed you guys!
The US trip and my school life kept me busy nicely.
The US trip was awesome. We came home very safely and happily ^^
We did so much stuff over the trip, so I decided to take a time to write about them!

After coming back from the trip,
I realized that I forgot my phone at Boston International Airport (:_;)
I knew that I was gonna be busy since the school started.

So, I got a new phone!! It's nice, awesome, and smart.
With my friend's influence and advises, I started Instagram.
I update 1 photo per day :D You can see how new I am to Instagram. hehe

You can find and follow me...

Talk to you very soon