Monday, July 28, 2014

Oregon Zoo

With 2 of my favorite people in the world...
This tall bear and This little bear
(Garfy and Mira)
I went to ZOO (-3-) ZOO!!

Meet our parents...

We got hatched!! WaaaaWaaa (How do the baby birds say?)
Oregon has a zoo. None of us had visited to the zoo last couple years + we love animals = we had soooo... much fun at the Zoo!! Oregon Zoo was giving away a stamp book for kids (I guess it's a kids' event), so we got one for each and enjoyed getting stamps too! Woohoo!! It was just so hot... somehow humid. I thought Oregon doesn't get humidity, but I guess it does. I felt my skin being baked like cookies and we almost got melted like an ice cream. (> <) SOS!! However, Humidity didn't let us stop having fun!!

Argggg... h oooooooooooooooo t >< HOT!
 sigh.. where is the ice...?
  ... .. zzZ
Although these animals were being as energetic as people, we, expect them to be,
they were SUPER CUTE!!
It was really hot for me as well. I can't imagine myself having that much hair on my body in the HOT weather. I would have been looking for shed and take a nap there. So, They made me want to cheer them up. haha I unfortunately forgot to bring a hat and a sunglasses for some reasons, so my hair was super hot. My skin got a lot darker than before. I have nothing to say for the fact that I went to zoo and had a lot of fun, but I regret it. I regret not being well prepared for the sun. When you go out and hang out under the sun, DON'T FORGET to bring a hat, a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and WATER!! (Water is very important for you :D) Hope you are having a fun summer vacation as well.


QUIZ : What animal is this?

Talk to you next time.
P.S. I will do my fashion check! for my next blog post since this one became really long ;)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Enjoy a Fair without spending a lot of MONEY

Look at this huge ice cream! H U G E ! !
om nom nom nom nomnomnom
Where did I get this?
At a county fair (*^U^*)
County fairs and State fair are usually one of the summer events in the US. Here in Oregon, it is one of the popular events through the year. So, many people come to enjoy the fair. Whenever I go to these events, I always think... "where did they come from?" (You can't really see so many people and cars in Oregon that often). This is my fifth year in Oregon, but this was my 1st time visiting a county fair.

1. Go to a fair during the time when the entrance fee is FREE.
If you aren't a huge fan of rides, animals, crowds, or fairs, but you still want to check it out.
If you don't want to spend money to get in, but you still want to check it out.
Don't worry. The last day, the last couple hours, you can get into the fair for FREE (at least for this fair). I strongly recommend you to check out the time.

2. Bring food and drinks.
Maybe some fairs disallow people to bring food and stuff. I haven't experienced that in Idaho and Oregon. I am aware of many tempting food and crazy food (deep fried oreo, frozen cheesecake, etc.). But you can also bring food. There are tables and chairs. Also, you can bring a blanket and have a picnic on the grass area :D

3. Go & Be friends with animals
 You can touch them!

4. Enjoy the live music & shows
Some local bands, dancers, and animals perform at the fair for everyone (^0^)!! Open for everyone!! woohoo

5, Take tons of photos and selfies
I took nothing but animals.. I mean I forgot to take other parts of the fair. But there are police cars, an ambulance, hand-made shops, food carts, rides, and so many other things that you can take a picture of/with. You can surely take pictures of/with performers as well! hehe
 See? This guy definitely knew how to look at a camera without blinking!
THIS COW!! When I think of milk or other dairy products, I think of this cow on its package. You do too?

 6. Learn local
There were a lot of booths where you can get to learn about small local businesses, army stuff, art works, and volunteer opportunities. You might just get bored and are busy with rides and food, but you should at least walk around the booths. To be honest, I am also the one who usually just pass the booth area and go straight to the rides and foods. But this time, I took a walk and saw what they had. Surprisingly, it was interesting. I got to know a bit more about Oregon (what people are interested in and what business Oregon has).

When I think of a fair, "fun" "fair food" and "spending money" always comes to my mind. The total of price that I spent was $2.50 for an ice cream for two people. Can you believe that? haha I expected to spend a lot more. I really just wanted to check out what a county fair was like. Although I didn't get on any rides, I was able to have a good time there! I learned that I don't need money to have a fun at the fair. I believe that What you need for having a good time at an event is "who you are going with" and "how you guys enjoy it together." Right?
Tops : I forgot the name of the store, but it's from Shibuya 109 in Japan
Bottom : H&M
Shoes : Urban Outfitters (flats for "easy to walk around" !!)