Tuesday, March 4, 2014

University of Oregon

It's kind of fun to visit a school which you DON'T go to. Don't you think so?
Well, it is for me. Especially, when I am in a different country like right now, it's kind of fun... more like interesting. The atmosphere is different. The fashion of students are different. The buildings are different. To me, it's like "visiting a place." Of course, it's not so fun when I go to my school even though I am in a different country; US. The purpose of coming to the school is different. I heard that the buildings of "University of Oregon (U of O)" are pretty. So, I went to check it out!
This "Women's Memorial Hall" is my favorite building at UofO.
I pretended to be a sophisticated person. But it didn't turn out right (-_-).. hahaha
My super honest personality is showing you all that "pretending" doesn't quite work right with me. *sigh*  
The last two pictures are the lights at one of the stairs to go to the second floor at one of the library. The lights are for us to see the steps. The size is probably about 10cm x 10cm. Yes, it's not that big at all. Not many people seem to notice that the lights have so much detailed decoration. Oh gosh.. WHY?

Although my elementary school was 139 years old when I graduated, but it didn't have any detailed decorations like that. My junior high school & high school were relatively new (20 years old), so it wasn't as cool as I hoped. haha It was a fun day visiting a different school! Not only buildings were interesting, but I also saw a lot of hippies, international students, and people with green and yellow colors. My school has a lot less of these. I also have visited to UCLA in California, but U of O definitely has a different style in comparison to UCLA. I hope I can visit other universities as well while I am in the US!!

I assume that my dear readers have been in a school once, please share your thoughts about your schools.
What was your school like?
Was it old or new? Was it pretty?
I am so excited to read that.

Talk to you later


  1. You look so cute on that huuuuge arm chair!
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    1. Dear Maja★
      Thanks for the comment! haha it was a really huge chair.