Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring is HERE!

I have been having such relaxed days since Spring break started :) I guess I had been stressed out with my final exams and projects, so I have been having a little weird health condition now. Luckily, I didn't plan any trips during the break, so I get to relax as much as I can. Because I have so much time now, I was reading my latest blog posts and noticed that I don't have pictures of me whereas other bloggers post their selfies and their own pictures on every single posts. (I feel awkward taking 'selfies'..) So, I met up with my bestfriend/"sister" and took some photos under the beautiful cherry blossom trees! Oregon is still cold. It was very windy, cold, and rainy, so it wasn't the best day to take pictures outside. Oh well, this is Oregon :D
My favorite part of this dress is the baby pink bow. This dress actually didn't come with the pretty bow. One of my mom's hair accessories was getting old, so we just got the bow part from the accessory and sawed it on this dress. Now, it looks very adorable and Springy! I think it's very important to look good from the front and the back as well. You got an old hair accessory and a very simple dress? Well, make it cuter in your own way!
I had a pair of shoes that goes perfect with this outfit. However, since my toe was hurting a bit, I had to wear very comfortable ones which also have bows.

 Dress & Hair accessory - from Japan
Gray tights - H&M
Shoes - Arizona Jean at JCPenny
Hope you enjoyed my fashion post too!
Talk to you soon

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