Saturday, March 8, 2014

My very 1st writing

When I just came to America, I didn't have any knowledge about computers. So, of course, I didn't know that Microsoft word existed. I had to type up and save the assignment as email drafts until I met Microsoft word. Whenever I received writing assignments, it was just so inconvenient. Well, this means that I still do have the very first drafts from 10/6/2009. It was from my first term at my college in the United States = the beginning of my international life.
My first essay assignment was to write a letter to my landlord. I am sure there were some scenarios to it, but I, unfortunately, don't remember. Before I came to the US, English was my least least least favorite subject. I almost failed all the English classes in my high school. I couldn't communicate well with people who didn't speak Japanese (of course). My first host family in Australia must have had a hard time hosting me for 14 days. Thank you very much to my Australian host family and sister (I don't think they are reading my blog though). Well, it is just another story of my international life.

let me share my first writing assignments with you all!

Dear landload.
Hello. This is Vivian. I have stay this accommo

Landload... ... oh landload, it's unfinished.

Dear landload.
Hello. This is Vivian. I have stay this accommodation with my family for several weeks.
Inhabitants who live in here are so kind include you, even though we are from different country and can't speak Eenglish well. We are happy to feel that we can use to stay here step by step.
We feel comfortable without one thing.
It is air-conditioners. I  am wondering that air-conditioners are broken by some thing. It is comming soon on winter.
Would you mind fixing or checking these air-conditioner before starting on winter.

Obviously, I couldn't speak Eenglish well. Although my family & I felt so comfortable without one thing, I am asking "landload" to fix that. noooo!! Someone! Stop meee!!

I just remember that the assignment was too hard for me. Especially, it's because I had never asked anyone for a help. It's really not my thing to ask someone for a help. So, I basically didn't know how to ask others to do something for me to begin with. Plus, I had to write the assignments in English. Yes, it took forever to complete it... I couldn't ask for a help from the ESL teacher or friends. Even if I did, I'm sure I couldn't explain this simple reason of why I can't do the assignment well.

international students & people who learn different languages..
Don't give up!

It feels so weird that I can see all of the mistakes now although I did't see anything then. I used to have a lot more confidence, so I am sure I thought this assignment was perfect at the time. (-_-)

It's kinda funny for me to look back my international life. 
Maybe, I should share other drafts as well on my blog.
Until then,

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