Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Are you wearing green?
It's one of the big celebrations for people in the United States. People drink green colored beers, green colored mixed drinks, green colored soft drinks... eat green colored foods, green colored sweets... decorate their house, shops, and other places with green. YOU MUST WEAR GREEN. If you don't, people will pinch you. Yea, I actually got pinched two years ago for not wearing green... :'(
St. Patrick's day is an Irish holiday. I heard that People in US celebrate this holiday a lot bigger than people in Ireland do. I need to go to Ireland to find out if it's true or not. Well, if you are from Ireland or have been to Ireland, please let me know what you do on St. Patrick's day in the comment! :)

Since I have the last final exam in the veeeeery early morning tomorrow, I stayed home and studied for it.
Around the final week, it's especially stressful for international students. It's because if you fail, you go back to your country. Bye bye! So, this is me during the dead week. My professors kindly decided to move the final exams which happen during the final week to the dead week (a week early). Unfortunately, all the exams were on the same day, so I was studying so hard like I had never studied last Wednesday.
I was so sad and stressed out, so I posted this picture on facebook. (hahaha) and said that...
"Why??? ...4 final papers + 1 final exam + 1 quiz + 1 huge homework + more more final stuff for tomorrow! Still, I don't want to study. I wanna skip tomorrow!"
This picture was from today when we went out for a bit. Yup, we wore GREEN!

I was wearing
sun-glass - H&M
greenish blueish dress - Forever 21 (h81)
cardigan - Japan
dark green scarf - a local store in Bend, Oregon
hear accessory - Disney

How was your St. Patrick's Day?
Hope yours were amazing!

Talk to you later

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