Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jojoba Oil

Hola, friends!! Water in Japan and Water in US are very different. Some states have pretty bad water that have damaged my hair. How bad is it? um... my friend dyed her hair color from black to greenish brown without bleaching it. A week later, A WEEK LATER, she had very very light brown; almost blond. It's surely caused by other factors as well, but you will hear people from different places complaining about how bad the water is for their hair. I couldn't believe it. "Water is water" This was my thought. Then, I came to Oregon, I felt the difference. (I have been using same shampoo and conditioner for 4 years.) My hair is good! Oregon's water and weather are pretty good! Anyway, I finally decided to take care of my hair!

(⊃´∀`)⊃ "Ellips Hair Vitamin"
I purchased this hair treatment when I went to Indonesia. Don't worry! It seems like we can buy this in different countries and on online. It contains Jojoba Oil, Pro Vitamin B5, and more natural things such as Aloe Vera. Have you heard of Jojoba Oil? I'd heard of Moroccan Oil, coconuts oil, olive oil, etc. When I saw "Jojoba Oil" on it, I did a little tiny research of the oil. It helps to soften skins and hair, so that it's used for many beauty products. (More information : Top 10 Uses of Jojoba Oil ). I found Jojoba oil to be very useful. These tiny things can really make my hair very soft!

How do we use it?

apply it to the damaged part of your hair

simple, isn't it? My favorite parts of this product are 1, not greasy 2, small. This is a perfect size for taking to trips. I hate carrying my beauty products when I go on a trip. They use many spaces, put weights, make me worried of leaking, and sometimes make me want to cry. GEEZ!! 。・+゚・(ノд+)・+゚・。Ellips don't take spaces. When it's done, I can throw the small containers away. Personally, I prefer floral smells. BUT this convenience makes me like this products! Of course, I took some with me to Portland on memorial weekend. (Check it out : memorial day weekend blog)

It's SUPER hard to see how soft my hair is on the picture, but I decided to use ellips and take a picture on the bus to share with you! Can you see the difference? baha! It's definitely smooth. My hair got moisturized but not oily at all. I really enjoy using this "cute pink hair treatments"!

It was not expensive in Indonesia. If you go there, I recommend you to get one!!
I would love to read what you use for your hair(*'ω'*) My goal is to try as many hair products as possible and find a perfect one for my hair!! hehe Hope you enjoyed my first review.

hugs :)


  1. Great post, really good review!
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    1. Hello, David! Thank you very muchhh:) I did & your blog was so much fun to read! It'd be fun to follow each other!