Tuesday, May 14, 2013

April Favorites

It's been a while since April ended.
Just Now, I thought it'd be fun to introduce my favorites monthly :)
Also, I forget things VERY easily, so this can be a little note for myself^^
Like people says
"Just Do It"    photo by Nike

so I decide to start from today
*if you click each link, you can jump to the products' websites*

Let's begin from the left (´・ω・`)

1. Honey Sleeping Pack from South Korea
Summer's mom gave me! (Summer = my best friend) It smells fruity, honey, wonderful, & sweet (but not rich). When I apply it on my face and sleep with it for Only 2days in a row... my face! my face gets super smooth! It's miracle.

2. Moroccan Oil : Moroccan Argan Oil
from Organix. I also have shampoo & conditioner that go with it. They were 1 of my X'mas presents last year. Since Moroccan oil seems to become famous, I finally opened it. I apply it on my hair every morning after taking a shower. It leaves a pretty good smell on my hair! It's not too greasy which is great for me because I don't like my hair to look oily. Since I use many products for my very damaged hair, so it's so hard to see which one affects my hair better... so I can't really say anything like this has worked the best(`・⊝・´)

3. Shower Gel : Frosted Snowberry US$11
from Bath & Body Works. This is for me!
"Blue + Christmas + Fruity smell + dog = ME" (。◕ ∀ ◕。)
This is a combination of all of my favorite things! This makes my shower time great★

4. Lotion US$25ish
from CLINIQUE. I think this works perfect for my skin type. I apply this, only one push at a time, twice a day after washing my face. Very strong fragrance products make me feel sick. So this fragrance free lotion is great! I tried its travel sized one & I liked it, so I got this bigger one!

5. Body butter "Carried Away" US$15
from Bath & Body Works againThe floral smell is not very strong but lasts for a long time! My legs usually get dry, so I have to put body lotion at least twice a day. But with this one, I only need once in the morning. That's it! My legs are still very soft with the soft floral smell in the evening too! Amazing!

6. Dress
*My favorite NEW dress* sorry for wrinkles. I ironed it just now.. I guess I need to do it again:( Anyway, when I saw this dress, I fell in love with it immediately. Very summery, girly, sexy, a bit vintage shape... (^_^) The dress comes down to my knees, so it's not too sexy which I love about this dress. It's bigger than the size I normally wear, but ..... the next moment, I realized that I was paying at the cashier. Luckily, I haven't regretted that yet. I'll post a pic of myself next time so that you can see how long it is on me.

7. Movie : Howl's Moving Castle
Howl: "you are beautiful"
Can somebody tell me that if I happened to look really old now? please? It's a romantic story of a wizard without a heart who exchanged a contract with a devil and a girl whom a witch made to an old woman. Though, I've watched it several times, Howl always takes my heart whenever I watch it. It's one of the Studio Ghibli movies by Hayao Miyazaki from Japan. His movies are always made by such unique concepts with the beautiful art touch and beautiful music. My friend, Garfy & I are doing Studio Ghibli movie marathon every Saturday!

8. Random :
this picture from pinterest just makes me smile
・:*:・'★.。・:*:・'☆(● ̄u ̄●)*・:*:・'★.。・:*:・'☆

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