Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get ready with me for Memorial Day

Hola, Everybodyyyy
Have you decided what to do for Memorial day weekend?
I have! I have! Sunday is our 7months anniversary. Monday is Memorial Day. Busy Garfy has a bit of time to babysit ME this weekend. He wanted to go somewhere and do something different so badly... (-ω-)☆ It's a bit boring to just tell you what to do, isn't it? It's sooo lame if I pack things up and don't share anything with you till next week, right? So... Here is "a quiz" for you (/・ω・)/Where will Garfy & I go this weekend? leave comments of your guesses on this blog post, please (´―`人)))
Of course, I will give you some hints as I get ready for the weekend♪
Left Top : floral pajama
Left Bottom : sleep-over set
make-up stuff, tooth brushes, tooth paste, some sample beauty products, facial masks
I love to try beauty samples on the trips! which means "beauty products' review blog post" will come up soon!
Middle : bunny room socks
Right : swim wear
(All of them are from Japan)
Top from the left : hair straightener from Conair, hand bag from rue 21, tea bags & candies
Bottom : formal & casual dresses
I may change these dresses.
Right : bag! from Tommy Hilfiger

More hints...Amtrak, Rose, Forever 21, Camera, Garfy's friends
If you are Oregonian, you would know where we will go by now. (; ・`д・´)σ

Day before yesterday in Oregon
I went to school the other day to participate only 1 Psychological experiment that takes less than 3 minutes. It takes almost 1 hour / way from home to school. It was soooo cold & rainy. I usually love rain, but I felt so miserable (ノД`)・゜・。aaa..

Today in Oregon
Hello, Sun! Hello, Sun!! ('ω')ノ

What's your plan for this weekend?
I hope the Sun will keep us warm & the world bright this weekend.
Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, Everyone!

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