Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mini Spring Hauls

Why is it "Mini" Spring Hauls? It's because it'll be a very long post if I introduce all the products that I bought. So.. just a sneak peak for you ('ω')ノ" My shopping style is not like I buy tons of stuff at the same store. I like to buy few stuff here and there. I like to go here and there and here again. Guys, please don't make fun of us that girl's shopping takes forever. To be a good shopper, we need to...
  • observe what the workers are wearing
  • what the trend of the season is like
  • "compare prices (very important!)"
  • "compare clothes"
  • try clothes in the fitting room to give a final judgment
It's not our fault that we spend a long time for shopping. It's just that there are many fantastic stuff that we need to go through. Shopping is like a war. We fight with hundreds of attractive clothes. We use lots of energy & brain. Support us, love us, Guys! (≧∇≦*)(*≧∇≦)
...(( ̄_ ̄ )(  ̄_ ̄))
Hey.. Don't we give you cheerful words, love, fake smiles etc. to support you when you fight with hundreds of little things on TV; video games? You guys take forever too!
♪you and meee, we are the sameee♪ (*´▽`*)人(*´▽`*)

Forever 21
I am a bit over obsessed with floral stuff. I have many many floral stuff in my closets. Aaaand I got some more. Don't you have similar experience? Like.. you realize that you have many clothes that look very similar.
  • White formal dress (US$15ish) : So beautiful party dress! Very soft. This dress shows the body line very well, but the vivid flowers catch viewers attention more + the length is not too short & not too long (it comes to my knees). So it's not just a "sexy party dress". I can wear this to everywhere from  fancy places to casual parties. I'm excited!

  • Chiffon dress(US$15ish) : My favorite fabric and My favorite color of clothes  The Cutest part is that the second layer has a different design (smaller flowers)!!
Local Vintage Shop
  • Floral laptop case(US$26) : This adorable thing saves my laptop's life! I always drop my laptop or hit it somewhere, it breaks very quickly (o'H'o) Be tough, Mrs. laptop! Anyway, this is very useful not only to save its life, but also to put a little accent to my fashion (^^) It's like a gorgeous accessory.
Local Clothing Store
  • Maxi dress (US$20) : The beautiful lace comes all the way down to my lower back. I wasn't gonna buy it, but I couldn't forget about it for couple days. 3days later, I went back to store. This was still there, so I got this! It was a "must"! I wore it for 6months aniv & impressed Garfy. Definitely my favorite summer dress.
  • Flat shoes (US$8) : Super Cute! This color & style goes with every casual fashion style.
Bath and Body Work
  • Body Soaps (US$11 each) : Bath&Body had wonderful deal combination; "buy 3 get 2 free" + "buy $30 get 20% off" + "free shipping." Everything smells very very great! I'll talk about them individually in my next blog! I want to use these products at least once and tell you how these worked:) so that you guys can get more ideas of which is what, right?
My boyfriend took a pic of my funny face the other day. I thought I was doing pretty good funny face, but it turned out that I have many wrinkles around my eyes!! Am I that old now!? + the sun beam causes us to have more wrinkles. SUMMER! I wanna go outside, but I am scared!
  • Eye Cream(US$25) : I will see how helpful this is... fingers crossed


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