Wednesday, May 1, 2013

6 months

Who said Americans don't celebrate monthly anniversaries? Me? Maybe..
Many of my friends in the US do celebrate 6 months & after that.. yearly. Because I am such a dreamy girl, I do have a small dream = celebrating monthly anniversariesridiculous? Well, that's why I gave up on this dream once. BUT I believe it's very important to do something different together every once a while((*>u<*)) Especially in the short distance relationship like I have, I see my boyfriend everyday (which is awesome). Here is a question for you! What if seeing partners became just one of the dairy routines? JUST LIKE THIS PICTURE that I saw on facebook...

No feeling butterflies from just looking at each other? More disappointment? Missing the time when you just started dating?  it'd be hard to feel exciting and fresh feeling that make couples realize how meaningful the partners are to them.


NO NEED to do something reeeally expensive. Just dress up nicely, do something different, and make your partner surprised!! (^^)(^^) You don't have any idea, time, & money? That's Okay! Here is what we did for 6 months anniversary!

1. Look around a dollar store
They sell some unique things that we can talk about or play with. haha

2. Go to picnic
Picnic at the park with Thai food from my favorite Thai restaurant :D
(we didn't have a time to make lunch box)
We ate a lot & became "food-pregnants" ヽ( 'H')人('H' )ノ

3. Take pictures
Funny pictures make us laugh together. Good pictures leave beautiful memories.

4. Join local events
We found and listened to a live jazz music together:)
+ we got our desserts (chocolate for me & beer for him) hehe

5. Walk around
We went to our memorable place together. You may find something new on the road like a piece of pizza..

6. Surprise your partner with a letter or a small gift
Who writes a letter? It's so old school! A small gift? So cheeeeesy
 ... NO!! Because not many people do such things like that, cheesy stuff becomes something very special!

I am glad my small dream, that I gave up once, came true. I am glad he is OK with celebrating anniversaries monthly. I am glad I met him. Happy 6 months!!

Hope all of you have wonderful anniversaries!


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