Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Could you guess the answer to the question from my previous blog? If you didn't know the question, go to my previous blog (←click right now), and come back here to continue reading (* `ー´)ノ 

My gorgeous weekend started with... Amtrak. (2 levels of passenger accommodation)
It was deeper that I thought. Water came in my rain boots (-3-)

This trip wasn't only for celebrating our 7 months but also cheering Garfy up. (Garfy lost his car on Thursday because of a drunk driver.) It was decided super very last minutes; Friday night. We went to Portland by Amtrak without booking a hotel. Could you guess correctly? We ended up staying at The Benson. The hotel was very historical, and the room & the view from the room were B E A U T I F U L. Rain didn't bother our shopping, walking, eating, and more joyful things! We had Room Service for our dinner (*´▽`*) THEN, the night was perfect with Garfy's friends at McMenamins (McMenamins is one of my favorite buildings in Oregon!) I had the most amazing time with Garfy and felt very happy to see him being happy. If you haven't started celebrating monthly anniversary, I highly recommend you to just dress up nicely and have a fun right now! haha

How was your Memorial day weekend? I hope you all had a wonderful one☆

hugs :)

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