Friday, November 22, 2013

Group Work : First REAL Fair

I have been taking a leadership class. This class requires us to help an organization. The good thing is that I am not alone; I am with my group members. BUT I'm not gonna lie. Group works are always not easy. There are many different types of people in the world. Of course, there will be problems and difficulties with them and also with myself. On top of that, we have to achieve the tasks and goals that professors and organizations expect us to do together. However, I always learn something very valuable and helpful for me and my future. We can easily apply materials that we are learning in the class. We can meet new people and get to know the different types of people. Because we need to go through many things in a short period of time, OUR time and work become very important and very memorable. There are many pros and cons. I, personally, like it even though it's not easy at all. It's definitely an effective way for me to learn things.

This term is just awesome.
We have been doing many things! Especially, some members are very motivated about what we do for the organization and the class. They do wonderful work!! I have been involving many wonderful opportunities and experiences because of that. We could have picked very simple and easy work, but we didn't. We do two fundraising, create first newsletter from nothing, make a power point, and create & host a huge event for this organization. Each member has their own tasks. I'm mainly working on newsletter, fundraising, and a part of the event. Seriously, those amount of work that we have to do for the organization... our trust for other members and communication between members are SUPER important. It is NOT easy to do that! but... oh my gosh! I just love this team. I don't know how many things I could learn from my team and these opportunities.
This is such a valuable experience.
So, we just finished a part of the projects for this organization. It was a huge part of the projects as well. The fair. It's not a small tiny scale; it was an entire school scale. Many organizations at school involved. Many faculty members and students helped us out. Many students were able to learn about those organizations. I am still overwhelmed. Although I should talk about specific things of what we did there, I honestly don't know what to tell you. It was a great opportunity!
If you want to be an international student in the US, "group work" is something that you have to do in school. I still have a hard time doing "group work" even though I have been an international student for long enough. What I do to motivate myself is to think "I can learn million things from group work." It's all depending on you. How you think about "group work" matters. If you are open to do things with your group and work hard with them, you will definitely learn many many many things and skills. You can't learn those things and apply them to your life if you are just sitting in the class and do nothing. Don't be shy! Ask for help if you need. Everyone will help you out. This will help you to create good connections and lead you to be successful as a team! This is actually what I learned this term from this group so far. hehe This term hasn't ended yet. I am very thrilled to learn many more!
Great work, everyone!


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