Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Autumn Make-up

Trees are changing colors and putting the world many many colors! Because the west side of Oregon has a lot of nature, it's just so beautiful. Red, Yellow, Brown, Green!! Nature of the art (> H <) I didn't have a camera with me today. But I still wanted to share how beautiful it is, so I took some with my phoooone!
hmmm.. Hope you can feel the beauty. haha I really love stepping on and walking on these crunchy leaves on the ground. It's super fun to make the sound of crunchiness. The dry, light, but fun sound that these leaves make. Now, I feel the Autumn is here.

So, I decided to try new make up style for Autumn. Since school has started, I wanted it to be
1) quick, 2) simple, and 3) natural, but 4) gorgeous.
These are my keys for dairy make up during school.

I selected warm and kind colors that these leaves shows.
Yellow-ish gold, Warm dark brown, and Red!!
I used the gold one and the brown one for my eyes (^^)
At first, I put gold one on my entire eye lids, not under the eye brows. Then, I put the dark brown on and applied this instead of putting eye liner, so this dark brown eye shadow will make your eyes look soft and gorgeous. I blended two color in the middle of the eye lids, so that it's not completely separated species. It gradually changes color. I picked reddish pink lip stick to put gorgeous color on my face. haha Here is the picture. Hope you can kind of see what I did here.
(I forgot to wear mascara when I took this picture though)
Put your mascara on our eye lashes A LOT or apply false eye lashes.
Lighter colors of eye-shadow will help your eye lashes to stand out well.
So.. why don't we let them stand out as much as they can? Right?
& that's it. Isn't it easy?
(There, my face with mascara on!! oh, the lip stick and my sweater are gone though.. haha)
Hope you like it!

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