Monday, June 17, 2013

Vivian interviews Yumi

Hellooo, amigos :)
My first interviewee is "Yumi"
We met each other in Business Communication class this term. Yumi came up to me and asked me "are you Japanese?" She turned out to be a super sweet girl & a very hard worker!! Yumi is an exchange student from Saitama, Japan & has been in the US for a year. Sadly, this was her last term & she went back home yesterday. I thought it'd be wonderful to interview her about her international life in the US before she goes home.

Tips to improve English skill ?
・Practice pronouncing vocabularies in the shower
・Steal words from movies and use them in her real life
She learned how to use "you know" from watching movies ╰(*´︶`*)╯

 Advice for my readers from Yumi

"The best way to learn another language is
make as many local friends as possible"

Difficult words to pronounce ?
Cool, Letter, Croissant, Sure

We both love Croissants and have difficulty of pronouncing it. Think about it. You are super hungry and find a delicious & just baked croissant in front of you. Smells wonderful. Looks delicious. BUT you can't pronounce it! How can you order it!? How sad (:^:) Well... so we say "can I get that? oh yes, that one!" ha

Cultural differences she found ?
Students in the US can eat food during the class.
Students in the US can freely say their opinions and ask questions to their professors.

In her university in Japan, students can bring non-alcohol beverages to their class, but they can't eat food during the class. & Students have to sit, take notes, and listen. So that, nobody asks questions; moreover, nobody tells his/her opinions to professors. (it's kinda taboo / rude to do at schools.)
Doesn't it sound pretty different? She surely found interesting cultural differences (^^)
 Her cultural shocks ?
Teriyaki sauce is not actually a Teriyaki sause.
Mayonnaise is really huge!
Sushi in the US is super oily.

 Weird questions that people have asked her ?
Are there still Samurai / Ninja?
What is Geisha?
I've got asked about Samurai too. There are no Samurai in Japan (sorry to break your dream), although I wish there were still Samurai in Japan. That'd be sooo cool. These questions always make me laugh so hard (*^-^*)

Yumi's fashion check!
Earrings - Old Navy
A shirt - Old Navy
A short pants - Forever 21
Black high heels - a shoe store in woodburn mall

She told me a lot about her wonderful friends in America & her interesting American life! I'm glad that she was my first interviewee because I had such an awesome time with her! Thank Yumi a bunch for sharing with me and my readers!

If you have any questions that you want me to ask international students,
leave a comment below!
(please don't forget the respect. we feel similar, we think similar, we act similar. We are all humans)


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