Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Top 10 favorites from my closet

I've seen some bloggers who have shared their top 10 favorites from their closet. What a great idea (*´▽`*)!! This would be very fun to do on Smile With Vivian. It was a little challenge to pick only 10 from my closet. Howeveeeer, since my maxi dresses are too long to hang up, I couldn't take pics of them (;_;) sad.. I'm going to introduce you.. my top 8 favorites from my closet.
Rules are very simple!
no accessories, no shoes, no me
Just favorite dresses
(You already saw some of them on my blog)
Talk about where you got them, why you like them, memories of you wearing them

  •  Left : Forever 21 Chiffon Dress ♪  - My favorite color & material for clothes (chiffon & dark blue). I wore it for my favorite day of the year = Christmas day!!
  • Middle : T.J.Maxx Summer Dress ♪ - Polka dots & laces are my favorite! A gift by one of my professors☆ just realized that I put my pics with this dress on my blog too much! ha
  • Right : Chiffon Dress from Japan ♪ - Chiffon & dark blue again! I wore it to Idaho... it somehow got ripped a bit, but I fixed it. That's how much I really love this dress. 

From the left..
  • Black party dress from local shop ♪- this is my motivation of controlling my weight.
  • Kohl's Peplum top ♪- the back is the cutest part which I will show you when I wear it :) hehe Peplum style helps my stomach to hide really well. aannd I love that!! (^^)
  • White lace top from friend♪- I like the combination of white stuff & jeans so much. girly + lace makes perfection.
  • Polka dots & Red vintage style top from Japan ♪- I just love it! I love that every button is different. It's very cute and very unique.
  • Forever 21 Striped dress ♪- I love the ribbon on the back which you can kind of see.
Instead of the 2 maxi dresses, I decided to introduce a little bit of my socks obsession ( *´v`*) tadaaa!! "2 adorable pairs of socks"
  • Left : Bear in the honey + base from Japan ♪ - look at the ears! toe socks! Oh gosh.. the cutest socks I've ever seen!
  • Right : Santa socks from Walgreen ♪ - super random to meet this socks at Walgreen! Christmas stuff makes me nuts! Extremely cute!!
8 clothes & 2 socks add up to 10 favorites (●´ω`●) yay!!
Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak of my closet!

hugs :)


  1. Awww I might give this a go it's such a fun tag! Love those dresses, so so pretty

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. Hello, Ellen! Thanks for the comment(x
      You should do it! & let me know because I'd love to check your favorites out:) hehe