Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Big Boy

♪Happy birthday to you cha cha cha
Happy birthday to you ♪ cha cha cha
Happy birthday ♪ Happy birthday
♪ Happy Birthday Toooooo ... Garfy ♪
 *ヾ(○´∀`)(○´∀`○)(´∀`○)ノ *

Look! How adult looking he became!

We had his birthday dinner at Kennedy Elementary School (McMenamins) The elementary school got closed down & McMenamins turned it into a hotel. such a creative idea!! (*´・ω・)´-ω-)
Interesting, interesting, ... creepy ?
Don't make a fun of them. They are watching YOU!

What was his birthday present from me? hehe it's a secret. I would like to come up with a great answer to it, but... hmmm... I was super busy because of moving and stuff. Soooo.. I am giving him late birthday presents next weekend. (I am such a bad girlfriend (;^;) ) sorry!

(This photo by Ryan)

Happy Birthday, Garfy!

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