Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Here we come!!
We pretty much used trains to go everywhere while we were in Tokyo. You can drive cars to go to places because almost everybody surely has a driver's license. Taking trains is just more convenience & easy. We couldn't see people pushing each other to get onto the trains like crazy since it was a summer vacation seasons, but there were already enough people that made us feel very very crowded. (you can search "train in Tokyo" on Youtube. It's crazy)
We mainly went out for shopping, sightseeing, enjoying the night life... etc. We did a lot of stuff in Tokyo. Tokyo will never sleep. haha I wish I could write about what we did in Tokyo separately with many details, but I've been writing about Japan trip for a long time. It seems like I can never end my story of Japan trip because WE DID SOO MUCH STUFF!! haha 
What I really like about Tokyo is that...
It's clean. When you look ahead, you see the busiest city in the world with tons of people. When you look on your right, you see the traditional buildings. When you look on your left, you see natures. When you look behind you, you see really tall buildings everywhere. You should stop at every station and see completely different fashion styles, views, buildings, and so on.
I don't argue with you. Tokyo is the interesting place. I agree. I learn & find new things every day.

 I will write about Japan when I go back home. If you have any questions about Tokyo, leave a comment on this blog. I will surely love to recommend you places, foods, and many more things of Tokyo! I hope you can see what we did in Tokyo from day 5 to day 10 through my pictures. Sorry (;^;) I should end my story of this trip as "to be continued." Till the day, good bye Japan!

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  1. とても懐かしい感じ。私は非常にすぐに戻って行きたい!伊藤ちゃんありがとう!