Thursday, September 19, 2013


Here comes Nagano. I am pretty sure Nagano is not the one of well-known tourist places for foreigners, so many of you don't know about Nagano. But... I bet you know at least 1 thing of Nagano. Do you remember the year of 1998? in Nagano, Japan? It's a leap year. Winter? Should I give you the answer? haha yes, you must have gotten a right answer: "Nagano Winter Olympics" in 1998. tadaa!!
We did not do anything related to the Olympics there. What we did was ...experiencing a footbath!! I really wanted to do something good for health and beauty. Well, I always want to do. Here is a picture of taking a footbath with hot spring (^U^)
As you may already know, it is great for being relaxed. To add to that, a footbath is good for beauty, health, & metabolism! How? Well, it is basically that the heat goes all over your body and you eventually get sweaty. Getting sweaty is the proof of detoxification and burning calories! woohoo(^0^) Believe me! We got sweaty after taking a footbath like 5 minutes. Plus, hot spring contains natural minerals that make our skin happy.
I really would like to recommend you to take a footbath with hot spring when you come to Japan. "Especially for those of you who don't want to get naked and share a public bath with strangers together, but still want to experience hot springs in Japan (^^) Actually, footbath places are everywhere.
It is called 足湯(ashiyu) in Japanese. I hope you can find one of them!!
A trip with Summer ended after going to Nagano. It is always very sad to say "see you" to my best friend; Summer, but I feel very happy because I had such a wonderful trip with her. This last picture is my favorite place in Japan. If you drive a high way between Nagano and Tokyo, there is a spot where you can see a huge love letter on the mountain. Unfortunately, on the high way, there is no photo spot to stop and take a look at it. Isn't it so lovely?

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