Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Japan Trip : Osaka

Osaka is a prefecture that I had wanted to visit so badly, so we didヽ(◎´∀`)ノMy stereotypes Osaka are friendly, loud, and yummmmyyy!! I wanted to see if my stereotypes were true, and they were true as far as I know. I think people in Tokyo = New Yorkers, people in Osaka = South, people in Nagano = Oregonians, and people in Okinawa = Japanese Hawaiians. It's totally my biased opinion, but do you agree or disagree? Anyway, food in Osaka is just soooo delicious!! For some reasons, we couldn't have a chance to eat many different kinds of food.. I really want you to open your heart and mind to try food there just like Garfy. He is a vegetarian, but he ate meats, sea foods, and so on while Japan trip. He really enjoyed Japanese food sooo much!
Soooooo much fuuuuuuunn!!! THEN, off to Osaka Castle!! Here we come!!
I have been to Kyoto and Nara before, but not Osaka. We spend only a day in Osaka, but it was definitely worth visiting! Because there are just many, many, too many tourists in these places, people speak English. People try to speak English when they don't know any English. It is very thoughtful. Surprisingly, people tried to speak English to Summer and me as well... what can I say? Japan, I love you. You are very kind.ヽ(●´∀`)○´∀`)ノ
I wish to come back here to eat more food with Garfy some day!

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