Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Japan Trip

Hellooo, amigos!!
Garfy and I just came back from our Japan trip! I was gonna blog about our days in Japan everyday, but ... we were extremely busy and my mom's internet was broken, so I couldn't even have a time to sit down and blog. Bummer (T^T) Everyday was just super busy and sooo much fun ☆ because many people supported our trip. Special thanks to my family, Summer, and her family.

Our flight arrived Narita International Airport about an hour earlier that it planned. As soon as we got off the airplane, my skin started feeling moist and my body started getting lots of heat. HOT HOT HOT!! HUMID HUMID HUMID!! I couldn't believe myself saying how cold our apartment was in Oregon. Plus, both of us couldn't sleep on the airplane because of fun movies although we tried, tried, and tried so hard to sleep on the airplane. Look at our tired faces.. We couldn't even open our eyes all the way. haha Anyway,
Hello, Japan!
Konnichiwa from Japan to you all!
I'm gonna write more about our Japan trip
talk to you soon

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