Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My favorite American foods

One of my favorite things that I love to do in the world is eating, eating, and eating. No wonder, I am chubby chubby. Each country has many interesting foods and yummy foods that I have never tried. When it comes to American foods, I don't know what exactly "American food" is. However, I wanted to share some of tasty foods that I tried in the US. Maybe I should blog about some interesting foods I tried in the US someday. haha
This is a frozen waffle brand. After coming to the US, one of my international friends told me about this. Get the frozen one from the box and toast it. BOOM! super easy! crispy waffle! ((w(´▽`)w)) Ever since, I have been loving it. I haven't eaten Eggos for more than a year now, but ... thanks my friend for telling me about this. I told some people that my favorite American food is this. They were pretty sad that my favorite food is a frozen box food out of many other foods. sorry, but it's tasty.

Fruits with cottage cheese
I just had a peach with cottage cheese. I guess I have never tried cottage cheese and cottage cheese with fruits before, but this is amazing. This tasted sooo weird but tasty. Fruits are amazing because I'm in Oregon. (read HERE for more inf).

American Sushi
"Hey, you are a Japanese. You must love sushi." yes, yes, I hear you! However, I do NOT like sushi at all. Sorry for not following your expectation... Raw fish and rice.. it always makes me sick and extremely full. Then..(o゚ロ゚)ノ‥‥…━━━━━☆ WHAT IS THAT!? American Sushi!? cream cheese, mango, kiwi, fried sushi... GROSS!щ(´□`)щ ... OH NO! DELICIOUS!! Sushi in the US is just so weird but very interesting. American sushi, you are so funny & I like you.

Quinoa Salad
Do you know what quinoa is? It's a tiny tiny stuff with lots of proteins
Hawaiian burger
The hamburger with pineapple in it. Whose idea is this? Is this actually from Hawaii? I should look it up. Then I did. Here is a list of hamburgers with some explanations & pictures. Anyway, Thanks for making this burger.

Sweet potato fries
Genius!! I have no idea if this is actually an American food, but I had them in the US for the first time... so... (^ U ^) I love them. I love them. I always order fries for sure when I go to American restaurants.

Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream (○`~´○) hehe We basically get ice cream as much as we want and toppings as much / many as we want, and we pay for it. It's super fun! My favorite taste is original yogurt taste (^^) I love sour. haha Also, it's healthy and low calories. (I don't know how healthy it is, but I like the words: healthy and low calories. ha)

New York Cheese Cake
The name is New York Cheese Cake, so this cheese cake must be from New York, right? Rich, tasty, expensive = what a wonderful cake. haha I am a cheese cake lover. It's my favorite cake ever in the world. You must try this when you come to the US, please. ha

Do you have any favorite foods that you like in the US?
I would like to try your favorite "American" food! You should share them with me in the comments below!

hmmm... I am hungry!
I am making some quinoa salad right nowww hehe

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  1. I wanna try Hawaiian Burger~!I like the food with pineapple in it such as Hawaiian pizza~ um yammy XD