Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"must bring" things for a trip

This topic is actually good for me as well because I always forget things even though I check my stuff over and over. Then, right after I leave home, I always always realize that I forgot something. Is it only me?
Alright, let's get started☆☆☆
  1. Make-up : The 1st thing that came to my mind is Make-Up!! Very important. Very Very important. huh? guys, you can't understand me? I don't understand why make-up is sooo important for me neither, but it somehow does.(>ω<)(>Д<)(>∀<) ha
  2. Summer dresses : It'll be humid & hot!! I am not gonna bring anything but dresses. (My plan for now)
  3. Tooth brushes & tooth pastes : I always forget them, so I get new ones wherever I go. & there are too many opened tooth brushes & tooth pastes for me.. This is bad.
  4. Sun glasses
  5. Shoes : high heels, flip flops, and working out shoes. yeees, I am a girl. Shoes for everything.
  6. Lap top : I want to blog from over there to share my vacation with yooou 


  7. Camera : This is a "must" item to be a tourist, right?
  8. Passports : I can't go anywhere without them
  9. VISA : I can't come back to USA without them. One time, I forgot to bring my VISA, and I had an extremely hard time coming back to the US. I was stuck in Vancouver, Canada. It was very sad (;^;) So, PEOPLE!! Don't forget your Passport and VISA!!!
  10. Gifts
  11. Beauty products : I am the age that people start to care about wrinkles, sun-shine, and many more things. *sigh* I miss my youth (-_-)
  12. Money : money money money. It's very sad to say.. but money can buy this priceless trip and fun time (($ U $)) It is true!
  13. Garfy : I'm going with him. He invited me to go together. The 2nd important stuff to bring. The 1st one is, of course, make-up. But.. look at him. How can I leave him here by himself? or How can I let him go by himself? His invitation was too cute to ignore.

I am blogging about where we are going ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ It will be up sometime soon.
Please give me a bit of time (*´・ω・)(・ω・`*)

What things do you bring when you go on a trip?
Am I forgetting anything? Let me know if I am forgetting something, Pleeeeeaaase (T^T)!


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