Sunday, July 28, 2013

15 recent random facts about Vivian

So, this is me.
oops... I am not as cute as this kitty (;_;) I wish I was though. bahaha

sorry, so this is me. Vivian (∩´∀`)∩ HELLOOOO

  1. An international student from Japan in the US
  2. Studying Psychology, Communication, and Hotel Management
  3. All the numbers that can describe me are getting bigger except my height & body parts. You know, the numbers like weight, length of my hair, size of my shoes, etc. (´▲`)*sigh* I want the numbers to be smaller though. What can I do?
  4. England is my dream place. I have always been loving anything from England although I have never been there and have never seen anybody from there in person. This must be some kinds of obsession!
  5. I just slipped and felt down in the bathtub because I was doing...
    yes, laundry. Just like one of the theme from My neighbor Totoro. I was alone. My body hurts so badly. I'm glad that I survived. I thought this happens to only elder people... but I was totally wrong!! sorry! Bathtubs are dangerous! By the way, this picture is from "Totoro". This website answered your "?" about Japanese culture from the movie; Totoro! I thought it was super interesting!  
  6. So, I have a bruise on my heel
  7. I live in a tiny and gorgeous apartment If you have read my previous post, you might already have known. (if not, read more 'today is the day' It's a happy happy story!... of mine...) hehe
  8. permit! a permit driver! This status will be changed pretty soon! I hated reading the manual book, so it took couple of days + almost 3 years of lazy days to finish reading it.
  9. I think Oregon hipster fashion is wonderful! I will blog about this later, but I love it!
  10. I got really shocked to know that most of my friends from elementary school are married or/and have kids. I thought the average age of marriage in Japan was 27-29ish... I was totally wrong!
  11. I love Greek yogurt more than any other food!
  12. My favorite American books are "Calvin and Hobbes." Have you read Calvin and Hobbes before? If you haven't, you should!!! I've been learning a lot from Calvin. He is a good boy. hehe
  13. I have my dream house image. My dream house has a library like a library from Beauty and the Beast. The color is blue and white.
  14. But I want to stay most of time in the tree house. (^^)
  15. I love to do stuff in the last minutes. haha
I hope you get to know a little bit about me(+́・ω・+)
(; ・`д・´) did you think I am weird?

Then, I think you are right. hehe

It was very hard for me to come up with 15 of them... especially after 7th fact...
I would love to read 15 random facts about you all (^^)
leave a comment below, and I will talk with you tomorrow!


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