Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th

Happy Independence Day, amigos!
What is the independence day? It is one of National holiday in the US. It's one of the historical day in the US. Since I am not good at explaining things, I recommend you to ask Wikipedia about Independence Day and American Revolutionary War. Wikipedia is really good at explaining all sorts of things in many different language! haha
How was your July 4th?
My 4th was very peaceful this year. I usually go out to enjoy the rides, events, foods, and fireworks with my Mexican family & friends. This year, Garfy and I were invited to a family potluck lunch / dinner. I brought a HUGE CAKE('ω')9. We had a very delicious meal with his family (*´▽`*)happy!
We went to play Croquet after that. My understanding of Croquet is that it's a fun yard game like a golf, but it doesn't take much space as a golf does. There are some hoops that we have to go through. hmmm... How can I explain this game? It's like playing a golf with 6-8 heavier and bigger balls in smaller space & hit them with hammers. Have you seen Antique gorgeous people playing a golf looking sport? It's that!! Okay, sorry, I tried (T-T )( T-T) here is Wiki for Croquet. I have never played that before + I am always (I will always be) bad at playing sports. I really didn't want Garfy to know my weakest points, so I had never played any sports in front of him. The time had arrived. Yes, I played. It was fun!!
of course, I was the last one to finish this game. haha 
 After that, Garfy & I went for a walk to see some fireworks, mini concerts, & rides for a little bit. My camera doesn't work at all after sun goes down, so I couldn't get any pictures there. I realized that I didn't get any pictures of myself. So here you go!
 July 4th is one of the biggest holidays in the US. In Japan, we can see fireworks everywhere through the summer as soon as the rainy season is over. If you want to see fireworks in the US, you have to visit the US on the July 4th! That's the day!
I had such a great holiday (´vωv`*)。o0○
What did you do on the July 4th? Hope you all have a great 4th!!


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