Tuesday, July 30, 2013

14 favorite pictures (^^) 2013

Wow, the year is already half way over w(6o6)w!! Can you believe that? How was your 8 months of 2013? Mine was veeery good. New school, New place to live in, New friends, New diet... My new life started and I have been enjoying that ('▼') I started trying new things like going to a cake decoration class in Spanish, volunteering, and so on. Oh, I can't forget about Smile with Vivian!
 Of course, everything was not perfect. There were some problems, but I could have been staying positive. Staying positive is always very important for me to be an tough international student. hehe What is your important tip to stay tough?
As you may have already noticed, I have hundreds of pictures with/of Garfy. Why? Am I one of these girls who love to control their boyfriends and hate them for hanging out with others? hmmm, No. . . I would hate myself if I did that. Long story short, my previous host mother didn't allow me to hang out anybody but my boyfriend. She called me with "mean words" & told me that she would kick me out when I hung out with my friends. It was not very nice. + I was sad because I could feel that I was losing a lot of friends at the time. Only few friends have stayed with me. I thank them deeply from my heart. Garfy gave me tons of his time, so that I didn't need to feel lonely & could stay tough. He has been supporting and encouraging me to stay positive. I don't know what I can do without him. He is a very special person
So, I moved out now. (/・ω・)/ freedom!! these few of my important friends & new friends are suuuper suuuper awesome. They became our friends. (I don't have pictures of all of them.. sad!) I also met his best friends as well. His friends are veeery very cool. Like really, how did he find these wonderful people easily!? haha
It's really nice that we could hang out with them and share wonderful times together (*‘ω‘ *)(*‘ω‘ *)
Friends = My life, without friends = no life
Oh, how I love everybody in Oregon. It would be super hard to leave here (;_;) haha So back to my feedback of my life 2013, it's been very good with many many suppoers! Comments, Followers, Readers, Garfy, My friends,,, everybody helps me to have such a wonderful life here! Thank you!! Everything is new (^^) I miss my oldies, but I love my new life as well. hehe
It's so hard to pick 14 pictures & I am obsessed with cats now.. I had to picked one more. haha Sorry for this heavy post, amigos! I love you all and I hope your life has been wonderful as well ((*´ω`*)ノ"

oh no, it's passed 12am, Cinderella. 

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