Saturday, September 13, 2014

US Vacation in 2014

Hola, my friends, from PDX.
Garfy and I went to his family member's wedding in the morning and directly came to PDX.
Coming to PDX has been an adventure already.

My cup cake got smashed by a person at a station.
The bus was 35mins late, so we had to cancel it.
Then, we decided to drive up to PDX and almost got into an accident.
We survived.
We arrived to PDX safely and thankfully.
 We got an instruction of how to use forks and knifes :D hahaaa

Then, we got a free slice of pizza (^^)(^^)

Our US trip has began.. :D
soooooo excitinggggg!!! (I wanna scream lol)

Bye, Oregon
See you in 2 weeks

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