Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Friday in Silverton

I went to First Friday events in Silverton with my friends. Silverton is one of the tiny and pretty towns in Oregon. Usually, the shops and restaurants close by 4pm. There are few people walking around whenever I visit the town. Last time I was there, a wild deer was walking around in the downtown. Can you believe that? (Well, in part of Nara prefecture in Japan, it is normal - read Nara blog post from HERE) Only one Asian shop represents a china town in Silverton. haha
Anyhow, the 1st Friday of every month is different. The shops open till 8pm. There are parades, car shows, and many more fun stuff going on. Many people hang around in Silverton. I wasn't used to see that much people in Silverton. haha
 My friend told me about a Barbie lady from Silverton. I don't know if you can see the barbies which she made in the photo below, but the lady makes barbies and sell them. Vampire barbies, Sorority barbies, Anorexic barbies, and so on. Her van is decorated with tons of barbie heads and sparkles. These barbie dolls are very unique, and I admire her creativity. But... they scare me whenever I take a look at her creation. If you decide to go to Silverton, Oregon, stop by! haha


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  1. I want to travel around too but I have no money :(
    Anyway, place and stuff look nice :)