Saturday, September 6, 2014

Catholic Wedding L&C

I went to My 1st Catholic Wedding. This is my 4th wedding this year. You can read the 1st one from HERE, the 2nd one from HERE, and 3rd one... I am still editing and writing about the 3rd one.. so, please give me more time :p Tehe
This wedding was super different from others. The bride and gloom have been married 8 years (or 9 years), and they had a wedding 8 or 9 years ago. What? They had a wedding again? - yeah, I was super confused as well. The gloom's family is Catholic, but their wedding wasn't done in Catholic way. Because I couldn't understand well enough about what they missed during the 1st wedding, I can't tell you what they missed. haha There are some special things that Catholic people do. Therefore, on their 8th anniversary, they decided to do a part, which wasn't included in the 1st wedding, at a Catholic church.
I was the one who was taking a photo for them, so I couldn't take any pictures from the wedding to put on my blog. *sigh* It was a casual but happy & lovely ceremony!

Oh wait! I took photos of food at their reception. haha I always thought that I don't take photos of what I eat at weddings (this is why people ask me what I eat...?? - Read more from HERE). So this time, I only took photos of tasty foods. haha

They said that they "tied double knots"
I, personally, think this is a great idea because we can check how much we mean to each other again... and so many other reasons. haha I hope I can marry to a wonderful husband and spend a lovely marriage life with him like two of them!! (*^____^*)


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