Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome Back My Cameria

I just had an emotional moment with my Camera this morning.
To tell this story, let's call my camera "Cameria" on this blog.

This story starts in back in 2012, Summer...
I met this girl, Cameria. She quickly became my best friend. We hung out all day long.
She gave me an opportunity called "photography" and showed me many different pictures and ideas of the world. We have been together ever since. She was such incredible and sensitive to the change of the world. However, I wasn't treating her nicely. I made her lose a thing to cover her eye. I made her hit on the ground, walls, and so on. Still, she was very patient with me and continued to show me the world.

In 2014, this horrible thing happened..
I was at a wedding with Cameria. We were spending a joyful time taking a lot of photos of my hermana's uncle and his wife at their wedding. However, Cameria got a little too tired to continue taking photos. Therefore, we decided to get some rest, and she got some energy charged!

As soon as she started feeling well, we got back to take some photos together without knowing she will never get food for next 9 months.

After couple days passed, Cameria started suffering hunger. Cameria had gotten weaker and weaker everyday. When we went to Canada together for our vacation, she finally passed away gradually.

Long Story Short,
I finally bought a charger and gave my Cameria a tons of food.

This morning, I had an emotional meeting with my Cameria. (She got fully charged)

Did you cry? haha You may have realized that my photos' quality has been different past 9 months because of this incidence. I have been using my friends' camera & cell phone and Garfy's cell phone to take photos for Smile with Vivian. Therefore, it was hard for me to write blog as frequently as possible.
Now, I have my camera back! I will write more about my life in Oregon, United States. (Maybe I should write "Throw Back Thursday" posts to share photos in my Cameria) Also, I will be going on a trip with Saturday. I am very excited to take Cameria with me :D

I was pretty excited about getting my Cameria back, so I took some random photos today!

Not in New York yet...
- Pizza with my friend at Straight from New York -

Autumn is back
 - Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks -


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