Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School Office at Night

 ....... (^U^)
 Oh Hello, there!
 I am at a professor's office right now. I have been working as a research assistant for three professors during the summer & interviewing people who graduated from this university and have a job. Although I screwed up a bit with computer related work few times, it really is a great learning experience! Every time I have an interview, I can't tell you how much I get to learn because it's so much. Every time I have a new task, I learn so much as well!

I just finished a phone interview with a participant! hehe
This is the place where I do the phone interviews (professor's office at my university).  
 Even though the participants can't see me during the phone interviews, I tie my hair up every time. When I am done with the interview, I let my hair down to feel relaxed. haha When I tie my hair up, I feel awake... pump it up... fire myself up... (I didn't know how to say 気合を入れる in English). Anyway, I feel more confident and "awake"! Why do I do it? I took a class to learn how to interview a person, have practiced interviews, and did few interviews, yet I feel very nervous. This is why I tie my hair up and I have a water right next to me. hehe Do you have something that you do to overcome your nervousness?
The interview is done .. like 2+ hours ago.. but I am still here at her office. It's because.. I am waiting for my ride. It is super dark outside (it wasn't dark when I took these photos). My friend told me yesterday that "some people say Todd hall is haunted." Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!
Todd hall is the building which this office is in = I am in the Todd hall.
Todd hall is surely one of the oldest buildings on this campus, but I didn't want the information YESTERDAY!! Although I really love old buildings, I have a extremely huge fear for ghosts. It's really weird and creepy to be in a place like here where nobody is in & where I am so used to see a lot of students hanging around. Do you know what I mean?

Wish me luck to get out from here safely when my ride arrives!!
I gotta wait one more hour!
Waaaahhhh.... (T^T):..


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