Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Body Shop : Tea Tree Face Mask

Recently, I have been using Tea Tree Face Mask from THE BODY SHOP.
Ever since I smelled and used the body shop's body butters, they got me. I am a huge fan.
So, when I found tea tree face mask from the body shop, I was exited.
A bit thicker
To be honest, I am not a huge fan of tea tree smell. It smells like grass, leaves, mints, ... it doesn't mean that it is a bad smell. Tea tree smell just doesn't suit me, I guess. BUT I enjoyed using this face mask.
How was it?:
Tea tree makes our skin to cool down instantly and lifts away impurities. It's great for our hot / warm skin during the summer. Our skin needs to cool down too!
But without knowing what tea tree does at the 1st time using tea tree product, I got scared. It's because my skin instantly started feeling super minty and I wasn't sure if my skin was feeling super hot or cold. (8_8") So, I read the package and did a little bit of research about tea tree. haha So, don't worry! If you thought the same way as I did, you are not alone. We're buddies. haha

How do I use it?

1. Wash your face
2. Dry your face with a clean towel
3. Take Tea Tree Face Mask a little by little

4. Apply Tea Tree Face Mask on your face
5. Avoid your eyes and around your eyes
I didn't do good job on this one. I touched my eye blow with the finger and realized I got a green dot on my eye blow. Because I didn't wanna take a pic of my face with a dot on my eye blow, I applied as closer as possible to the eye area. ha
6. Wait for 10 minutes (until it gets dry a little bit)
6.5. Enjoy your skin getting cool down rapidly yet gradually

(I totally look like an alien)
7. Wash off the face mask by cold water
It looks like some people just wipe it off by towels and stuff. Because I want my pores to get smaller and don't want them to keep the mask forever, I wash it off with cold water.
8. Follow your daily routine of beauty products

I use this product especially after having a lot of fun under the Sun.
Other than that, I am trying to use this twice a week at least.

Talk to you later

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